Eskratir Archipelago

"A general lack of awareness and wearing an unnecessary about of feathers, sounds like every islander I've met." - Bensinya Hadsrian

Written by: jester2b
Cover Art by: Rafael Sewa
The Eskratir Archipelago encompasses the eastern islands of Stelwen. The province of Eskratir serves as an essential link in the continent's trade routes, allowing goods to get around the untamed jungles of Mongrasil and to the southwestern province of Piramir. The temperate environment of the islands is a stark contrast to the warmer jungles of the mainland.


At the north of the archipelago is the island of Lus Vivet, which is crowned by the Notr Tesva mountain range. Beyond the mountains, the island's landscape consists of vast plains and rolling hillsides covered in subtropical forests. Sandwiched in between two larger islands, Lus Lirill is made up of fertile flatlands ideal for farming. At the southern edge of the island is Cus Alvid, the largest lake in Stelwen. At the very south of Eskratir is Lus Rosbanda, or simply Rosbanda Isle, as many outlanders call it, which has a similar geography to Lus Vivet. The standout exception is the inactive volcano at the center of the island, Vor Canrat.


The more temperate climate of the Eskratir Archipeligo means that many of the well-known and dangerous fauna like the Monarch Drake and Lich Spider find the islands unsuitable. Flora and fauna are less alien than the mainland, though strange and unique animals can be found only in the archipelago. Near lakes and ponds, one can see the Tenkali, an amphibious cephalopod that excretes a sticky slime when threatened. Fishermen living along the beach can find Fencer Crabs, which have a leg span of one and a half meters and one sharp spike on their right arm used to stab prey. Deep within the forests stalks the Karootta, a wolf-sized reptile known for its insect-like mandibles by its jaws and six eyes spread across its head. The Karootta is often hunted for meat and dense scales by local hunters. Interestingly, the archipelago is home to a wide variety of bird species, giving rise to the bird feather trade.   While the animals of Eskratir are less dangerous than the mainland, there are still some formidable creatures to watch for when wandering in the wilderness of the islands. The largest arthropod in the isles is the Brilliant Weaver Spider, a giant spider known for its golden silk used to catch prey. Their silk is a precious commodity for the Roctane of Rosbanda Isle, although harvesting it is hazardous since this species is quite skilled at catching humanoid prey. Another large animal found only in Eskratir is the Ebony Cassowary, a larger, black-feathered cousin of the mainland Cassowary that is considered to be more aggressive. During the summer months, those living near the coast must be careful of breeding Caerullians, a large marine serpent that migrates to the coasts to raise their young. They will attack anything that gets too close to their eggs with a ferocity few can survive.


The archipelago's largest island, Vivet, is home to the Notr Tesva mountain range. The small mountain range that sits at the center of the island is home to the Coltura Tesva, a group of sorcerers and enchanters who dedicated themselves to studying the winds in honor of the god Tesva. The acolytes of Tesva spend their days mastering the art of wind magics to pay respect to the Ancient God who sacrificed their life to give the gift of wind to the world. Along with their unique wind magic, the Coltura Tesva are also famous for the powerful weapons they have created. Utilizing the wind magic they've mastered, the weapons made by this group are legendary for their unparalleled power. The most famous of their weapons is the Golden Blade of the Winds, a golden katana that has seen many masters since its creation.   On the southernmost island of Rosbanda Isle lies the Blood Lake of Monurga, a small lake near the coastline with a crimson coloration. Followers of the Orkina faith believe that the lake is inhabited by the soul of the Ancient God Monurga, who blesses proven warriors who drink from the water. Those who've been chosen to drink from the water become the Marked Defenders, the most skilled and loyal warriors of the Orkina Temple. A stone wall surrounds the lake, watched over by vigilant guards to prevent intruders from drinking the crimson water. Close to the lake is the town of Bal Fendek, a self-sufficient community of devout followers that is somewhat closed off from the rest of the world. The town rarely receives travelers due to its isolated nature and general dislike of outsiders.   Another landmark on Rosbanda Isle is also home to the inactive volcano Vor Canrat, which is home to a mighty Greater dragon known as Calmirra. She is a peaceful dragon who spends most of her day slumbering at the volcano's peak. Those that have encountered her have found that Calmirra paid little mind to them, but when provoked, instead of killing attackers, she used magic infused with the element Dictada to drive them away without harming them.


The Roctane of the Eskratir Archipelago share the same culture and values as mainlanders, though the differences in their environment allowed them to develop a unique identity. Due to the islands being a vital part in trade, many traveling merchants originate from the islands. Thanks to this and the archipelago's less unforgiving environment, Roctane from Eskratir are seen as more jubilant and vibrant than mainlanders. One reason for this stereotype is the region's distinct clothing styles, which often are made almost entirely of the colorful feathers of the native bird populations. Wealthy islanders tend to stand out with their clothes made of the golden silk of the Brilliant Weaver and the black feathers of the Ebony Cassowary.

Notable Settlements

The region's capital city is the city of Mor Vivetir, a port city with goods coming from both the mainland and the other islands. It is the oldest city in the region, founded in 1034 AE as an outpost for sailors. Further to the south in Lus Rosbanda is Mor Shagora, which serves as a vital part of the supply chain for the provinces of Piramir and Mongrasil. On Lus Lirill, Mor Cireltr acts as the farming capital of the middle island, being the first stop for produce being shipped out to the rest of Stelwen.


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