The largest object within the Asteroid Belt, and the one that acts as an unofficial capital world of the area ever since the fall of the Solar Commonwealth. It was still too small (and with a gravity way too weak to be able to be terraformed), making it one of the densest populated non-terraformed celestial bodies within the Solar System.   It, naturally, lacks the demographics and industry to allow it to play the political poker within the Solar System, but it remains more or less independent. Most Inner and some Outer system countries maintain their own asteroid mining ops within the Asteroid Belt, however it is Ceres that acts as the center of the local law enforcement and gets a share of income (plus is technically licensing the new mining operations, but it's not like it tends to have a lot of options when some notable power asks for it) from it for that.   Unfortunately, the local law enforcement isn't exactly a very lawful one, as there are occasional gossips of various local asteroids used to house things and groups that shouldn't be there. Pirates, slavers, drug farms - officially Ceres is too weak to police the internal operations of various asteroid colonies, but many believe that it's simply being paid to look elsewhere.


There are very few interesting things to be said about Ceres. Probably the most unique feature of that dwarf planet is the fact that it houses some cryogeysers, and is the closest to Sun location within the Solar System where those can be found. It has never been terraformed - there are several domed cities and a lot of underground installations on it, but nothing more than that.   As a result, Ceres is forced to at least partially rely on either very substandard locally grown food (namely, a type of algae slurry) or import it from the Inner System.   Paraterraformation - in other words, expansion of the domes to cover the entirety of Ceres surface in order to assemble living conditions underneath them - has been considered during the Golden Age, but has never came to fruition. It was deemed too costly and impractical, with a lot of empty space on the already terraformed worlds to fit the growing population.
Distance from Sun: 414.01 mil. km
Diameter: 946 km
Solar Constant: 0.258
Mass: 0.00015 Earths
Mean Density: 2.161 kg/l
Orbital Period: 1362 Earth days
Day Length: 0.3781 Earth days
Rotation Axial Tilt: 11 degrees
  Avg. Temperature per Latitude
Type: Dwarf Planet [Not Terraformed]
Location: Asteroid Belt
Status: Colonized
Population: ~9 mln.
Republic of Ceres


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