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Black Marble

On the 81st Sun of 2020...

Created by


Talk about odd, but welcome to the Black Marble where we shall give you outsiders the inside scoop on what the Black Marble is.

Most people might wonder "What is the Black Marble?" And for that, I'll answer a different question. What is inside that glorious dark sphere?


Yes, us. The Dragons, the Elves, Orcs and Ogres, the Dwarves, the Humans (they are everywhere), The Eggs, the Birds, the Bees, and everything really. Though a question I would like to pose to you, viewer, is since you and I are here, can you explain what is on the outside?

We people who thrive in this Black Marble are just the same as you earthlings, all but the interplanetary nonsense you don't want to want to get into. Like, interplanetary labour laws, sport, ethics on making good food, and other stuff.

The Black Marble, in short, is a dream world where people reside. A place where some people from the outside occasionally goes in for different meanings. Some go when they are lost in their homeworld, some show up in the midst of sleep. To others, in their sadness and wallow and grief. I think there might be some visitors who are avid gamers and green eaters who can see what happens in the Marble and can remember.

A place of inner desires, a place of inner fears.

Editor's Note

I'm using this to showcase my art and practice my storytelling. I'm fairly good with character design, but I want to start with other types as well like fictional cartography, environment design, and concept art.