Seelie Court Fashion and Aesthetics



  Seelie Court fashions are based on heavily on South Asian styles for different occasions. For casual day to day wear, both men and women are likely to wear Shalwar Kameez or a Kurta made of cotton or lawn to account for the heat. They are usually embroidered or printed with intricate designs. In higher courts and events, men are more inclined to wear Sherwani’s with heavy embroidery, whereas women will sport variations of heavily embroidered lehngas, sarees, shararas etc. They also style their hair in complicated fashions and wear significant amounts of jewellery. Below are some examples for these styles. Note that is is a small lore page so I can only include so much. This is not required reading, merely meant to inspire and give ideas, especially as via the roleplay’s plot will call for a lot of formal and fashionable events. If you find any resources you like, feel free to tell me in #member-input and I’ll add it!  



Basic Shalwar Kameez + Kurta

  Men’s Sherwani  
  Women's Occasionwear  


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