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We often tell our visitors that the true histories of the Confederacy—and the world, really—can be found in the Hall of Annals. The most common misconception regarding this statement is that we are referring to the texts.
— Annalist Berra Falkren

The annalists of Beourjen City's Hall of Annals inspire intrigue across the entirety of Beourjen's social spheres, and for good reason. Such a profession is unique in its position compared to the rest of the nation's workforce; the annalists have adbdicated their titles and social standings to sit on the isolated peripherals of society and yet, in many ways, they have a most direct influence over its intricate machinations.


The primary purpose of the annalists is to write and catalogue Beourjen's histories. At the most basic level, this means that each annalist keeps a journal in which they document the history and time through which they live—however, in practice their tasks are much more varied and complex.

The real bulk of their work is in taking the convoluted details of different events, organizing and sometimes coding them, and working with the Triadic to determine which sources and details reach the public eye and which remain secure in the Annals.

At any point in time, there are about forty annalists employed by the Confederacy and residing in the Hall of Annals. Each individual will often have more specified focuses or areas of expertise within the larger sphere of Confederate life and history, though they have substantial leeway when it comes to branching out into other areas of interest.
by Colleen ODell from Pixabay

A NOTE (meta)

The annalists are not hollow and totally subservient individuals, nor are they meant to be. They choose to be annalists, and they have differing opinions and views on history and social and political topics. Pretty much all of them feel not only a desire but also an obligation to do their part in telling history 'correctly', but they still have their own individual biases that may bleed into the histories they're telling.

Becoming an Annalist

There are very few hard requirements for becoming an annalist, however it is generally expected that any prospective annalist will have recieved a decently proper education. Individuals submit a request of consideration to the Hall of Annals that includes a summary of domains in their skills and interests as well as a letter detailing why they think they'd be successful in the profession, which then begins the process of their evaluation and possible initiation into apprenticeship. Ideally, one of the current annalists seeking an apprentice will advocate for them to the Triadic—at least two council members must then sign their support for the individual to become an apprentice.


Annalists usually seek apprentices near the end of their lives, as the apprentices are meant to take their place upon their death, however an individual could theoretically be an apprentice for decades before reaching the position of annalist. Usually, though, individuals become annalists within six years of their apprenticeship.

They do move into the Halls of Annals at the beginning of their apprenticeship, though they don't take their vows until the end of the apprenticeship.


When they become annalists, individuals must take vows renouncing any titles or due inheritance they might've held, and pledge their careers and work to the Hall of Annals itself. They are sterilized by a physician, and are no longer allowed any physical or legal bindings to another person. They also renounce any property they may hold, or other established assets, to the state, and in turn the Triadic pledges to aid them in their 'endeavors of knowledge, peace, and prosperity'.

Relation to Beourjen Government

Due to the nature of their work and their proximity, annalists often develop close working relationships with members of the Beourjen government. For one, they work—and in the annalists' case, live—in the same building and often find themselves crossing paths merely by happenstance. But they are also often sought after
for their advice or opinion by representatives, lawyers, and diplomats, depending on the annalists' areas of expertise. Many government titled officials find themselves in the Hall of Annals anyway throughout their careers, for references or texts, and so seek out an annalist's help first to locate whatever it is they're looking for.

Annalists aren't allowed to request payment for their advising, so developing a close relationship with one

The annalists also assist in myriad other ways as well. Annalist Everette Ratham has testified in over a dozen court cases involving the Inheritance Laws, and Annalist Berra Falkren helped develop battle strategies during the Beourjen-Ethanian War.
of them who is willing to provide reliable assistance and consultation can be a huge asset to a representative or diplomat. And not only is their assistance convenient and free, they also usually want to provide their expertise.
Hall of Annals
Building / Landmark | Dec 14, 2022

You dragged me down the Blood Route
With the godstorm at your hide,
And when your city bore you fruit
I was right there by your side.

Then the traitor rose up too,
And the goddess, sullied bride.
Though your fears were but a few
Still I stayed your newfound pride.

Soon we backed the traitor's troops
From our coffers and our guide.
When he tore up Cravven stoops
My caress was lecher glide.

After was the foreign feud
While you sat and soothed and shied.
Yet all through I did collude;
With wolf and Axen you were pied.

Then I led you through a ruse,
The indenture was implied.
For war did late diffuse,
But you did not dare sit aside.

So when your waters ran with spew
And your city ripped astride,
I was there to break us through,
I washed your tracks before we died.

But mere decades did you muse
Before again we saw misguide.
Another war, another bruise
From which I rinsed the dirt, then dried.

Now I saturate your routes,
‘Till your hands and mouths are tied.
I feed you from the roots,
And only here am I denied.

The annalists are shrewd,
Uncompromising, snide.
And here’s the question they’ve pursued,
That which our nation must abide:
What am I?
A lie.

While those who seek the annalists' assistance can't 'officially' pay them, many have sort of skirted around this through patronage and this is one of the major appeals of becoming an annalist. Many artistic endeavors require a patron, and middle and lower-class citizens don't often run into those wealthy enough to be a patron. However, annalists obviously work close with such ladies and gentlemen—even more, they don't have the same social constraints and pressures that might've otherwise prevented them from artistic pursuits. Thus, a representative may become the patron of an annalist they work closely with, and many annalists will be able to pursue additional talents like writing, art, or music.

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