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Yakuls are essentially the boogieman of races. Everyone uses them to scare their children into behaving properly, especially elves. However, I would not be surprised to find out that most Yakuls are actually quite pleasant, a truth I find in many people despite their Race. Yakuls could be some of the nicest people around, if they are even real.
— Flip, The Great Book of the Races

Basic Information


Yakuls vary in morphology depending on how many souls one has devoured. They range from being near identical to a human to having two arms and a snake's tail for legs.

Biological Traits

"Weak" yakuls look incredibly similar to normal humans except they'll have random patches of scales on their skin, and fangs. "Middling" yakuls will generally look like humanoid snakes, with enlarged fangs. "Strong" yakuls have torsos like "middling" yakuls, but they have their bottom half is a long snake tail, and their fangs are even bigger.

Genetics and Reproduction

Yakuls reproduce in different ways depending on how many souls they have devoured. When they have had minimal souls and are "weak," they reproduce just like humans, and in fact are able to reproduce with humans. "Middling" yakuls who have a good amount of souls will generally have relations like a human, but the females will create an egg inside of them that is laid right before it hatched, and they hold the egg for six months. "Strong" yakuls who have had a large amount of souls reproduce by a male inserting two hemipenes into a female's cloaca, who then lays an egg which hatch within three months.   However, new yakuls can be created if a human were to devour souls, especially of other humans.

Growth Rate & Stages

"Weak" yakuls age and develop incredibly similar to humans. "Middling" yakuls grow until they reach adulthood at age 35, middle age at 75, and old age at 140. "Strong" yakuls grow until they reach adulthood at age 55, middle age at age 150, and old age at 250.

Ecology and Habitats

"Weak" yakuls prefer to live in regions similar to those humans live in. Meanwhile, stronger yakuls prefer to live in damp and dark climates, like the undergrowth of a jungle.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While "weak" yakuls have a diet similar to humans, stronger yakuls prefer to eat more meat based diets, especially rodents.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most yakuls live in a hierarchical society in which the "stronger" the yakul, the more power they have, with the "strongest" yakul as the leader. To move up in society, a yakul must devour souls and ascend to a "stronger" form. Each person has a specified role based on their class: "weak" yakuls generally act as servants and spies, "middling" yakuls serve as soldiers and guards, along with doing important grunt that cannot be entrusted to "weak" yakuls, and "strong" yakuls often have leadership roles whether in religion, the military, or politics.   Some yakuls chose to reject the idea of conquering the world and instead just live simple lives as farmers, in a household based social structure where each cares for their own.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All accounted for yakuls are on Death Island off of the western coast of the continent, where they were banished after the collapse of the old Human Empire.

Average Intelligence

Yakuls are generally incredibly intelligent, using manipulation and intense planning as their main weapon.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Yakul gained the ability to see in the dark, as well as an improvement to the potency of all senses over normal humans.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

"Weak" yakul will generally take a human more modern human name alongside a traditional yakul name, and hyphenate the two. Meanwhile, "stronger" yakul will only take a yakul name, that generally uses doubled consonants and "sh" sounds.

Major Organizations

The yakul government is known as the Slarra, meaning Remnants of Old, as they still consider themselves the inheritors of the territory of the old Human Empire.

Beauty Ideals

Yakul generally view more snake-like feature as attractive, as it indicates power and "strength."

Gender Ideals

Yakuls are relatively egalitarian, as gender is not considered important to someone's worth, just their "strength." However, females generally attain power through more underhanded means while males are more direct, using brute force to get their way.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is surprisingly casual in an otherwise regimented society. Any two yakuls that spend time together and fall in love can get married whenever they want.

Relationship Ideals

In a relationship, the "stronger" partner is expected to take charge. If the "strength" is equal, then the male generally takes charge due to the often more aggressive nature, but it is not expected, and a female leading a relationship is not viewed as weird or unorthodox.

Average Technological Level

Yakuls prefer to focus on developing magic than technology, and so they have very primitive technology compared to most other societies.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Yakuls speak an archaic form of Common, as well as the old human language, known as Orbiz.

Common Dress Code

Generally, yakuls will only cover up human parts, as they view any snake-like parts as a sign of power and want to show it off as much as possible.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Yakuls take much of their culture from ancient human traditions. Despite coming from their ancestors, modern humans likely would find these practices bizarre and non-human.

Common Taboos

Disrespecting a "stronger" yakul is so taboo that immediate execution is the most common punishment.


Yakuls were once the elite class of the old Human Empire that made a pact with an outworlder being of unknown identity, probably a devil from Hell. In order to transcend humanity, the yakuls had to kill humans and devour their souls. As they ate more souls, they lost their human forms and became more serpent-like. Becoming monstrous snake-people was the last straw for other races as they then overthrew the Human Empire. The strip of land with the capital, Orbooz, was separated from the mainland with magic, becoming Death Island. The Yakuls have been trapped ever since.

Historical Figures

King Zalla was the leader of the old Human Empire when it collapsed. He was killed by a small, mixed-race coalition of soldiers during the Sack of Orbooz.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Yakuls are reviled by all other races, and the feeling is mutual.
Scientific Name
Homo serenpis
"Weak"=80 "Middling"=150 "Strong"=300
Average Height
"Weak"=4'10''-6'6'' "Middling"=5'2''-6'10'' "Strong"=6'2''-7'1''
Average Weight
"Weak"=100-300 lbs "Middling"=175-370 lbs "Strong"=210-405 lbs
Average Physique
"Weak" yakuls are generally slightly more frail than humans, "middling" yakuls often are incredibly muscular, and "strong" yakuls tend to be quite fit, but not overtly muscular.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Any part of a yakul that is serpent like is green, while any human parts are generally pale.
Related Myths

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