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The Western Wall

It is amazing to me to stand at the base of these mountains and look up towards these mighty peaks.  It fills me with a sense of wonder and awe.  None of the mountains I had seen before had truly matched the might of the wall.  It boggles my mind to think that humans once held land on both side of it.
— Flip, The Big Book of the Land


The Western Wall is a mountain range that separates the Western Desert from the Daguukaan Desert. It stretches from the northern reaches of the continent to the southern extent. There are various tarn lakes throughout along with water flowing into rivers on both sides of the mountain range. There is also a deep cave system beneath the mountains.

Fauna & Flora

The vegetation is sparse in the highest of altitudes with mostly only lichens and moss. At mid-altitudes, there are shrubs and small trees, along with a variety of berry bushes. At the base of the mountain, the eastern, windward face is lush with many varieties of plants, trees, and fruits. On the western, leeward side, it is dry and arid, with little plant life.   The windward base of the mountains have mostly frugivore rodents. At mid-altitudes, there are a camelids and lizards in abundance, although it is argued whether the camelids are native or brought in from the Daguukaan Desert to the west. At the highest altitudes, it is mostly goliaths and their herds of camelids.

Natural Resources

The eastern side of the mountain have a variety of exotic fruits while the western side is mostly barren. The caves beneath the mountain have a variety ores, and the mountains are sometimes a source of stone.


For the longest time, the Wall had been populated by goliaths and gnoles, no one truly knowing where they came from.  However, when the hobgoblins attacked the giants of old, they fled into the mountains and pushed out the lower-altitude gnoles with their superior strength.  Since then, the giants and goliaths have been in an effective war with each other, with the giants trying to claim the peak of the wall as their own, while the goliaths defend to the death their ancestral land.
Alternative Name(s)
The Goliath Mountains
Mountain Range

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