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The Western Desert

Natural scholars despise the Western Desert's name for its frequent rain storms, and prefer to call this region the Western Wasteland. However, I am not one of these natural scholars and therefore am just fine referring to a region with sand and heat as a desert, like a sensible person.
— Flip, The Big Book of the Land


The Western Desert is incredibly barren, with sand dunes all around. Occasionally the wind picks up creating small sand storms. There are no rivers and few lakes in the region, making life difficult. Any water to be found has to be collected from rain. Despite being called a desert my the average person, there is plenty of rain here.

Fauna & Flora

There is no vegetation towards the center of the desert, but some small plants and cacti towards the eastern and especially western parts. The base of the mountains to the west are quite lush due to the heavy rainfall. Animals in the desert are either small and burrowing, or large and monstrous. The monsters tend to be found more towards the center as some of them can subsist without any vegetation, instead eating sand and rocks, while the burrowing lizards and rodents tend to live at the edges where is more vegetation and a shallower water table.

Natural Resources

There are very little resources to be found in the desert. Water is generally collected from rain, and food on the edges is based on the sparse vegetation and rodents. Towards the center, the fauna is generally too strong to be counted on as a food source, although the parts of dead monsters can be a great boon for a band. There are some deposits of Orichalcum, found beneath the sands, but they are very tightly controlled by the orc clans.


Long ago, the Western Desert was a lush forest with drastically different flora and fauna from the Eastern Forest due to the rain clouds collected at the mountaintop.  This forest is where the dragulin ruled in the ancient kingdom Draakya.  However, that changed when the orcs of Osalla invaded from the east, and years of long warfare destroyed both kingdoms, as well as the region, leaving behind a sandy waste with beating sun and nomadic peoples.
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The Ruined Paradise
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