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The Elven Kingdom


The Elven King rules all throughout the land and is the ultimate authority on everything. He does have several advisers that he will listen to and consult, but he is the deciding factor on everything.

Public Agenda

The Elven Kingdom seeks to advance the position of Elves in Belkora.


The Elven Kingdom has access to immense amounts of wood from the trees of The Eastern Forest along with some of the most powerful wielders of sorcery in Belkora.


The Elven Kingdom evolved from the Elven Empire after it shrank. The title changed because many other races felt that elves were being too similar to the humans of the Old Human Empire in their expansionist policies, including the Ancient Elves to the north of the Kingdom's center of power. They then had stagnant borders of remaining in the Eastern Forest.

Demography and Population

The vast majority of inhabitants of the Elven Kingdom are Wood elves, although some Ancient and Dark elves do live there. While there is a large concentration of elves in the capital, most elves are dispersed throughout the forest in small, communal villages where they go out from to hunt and forage.


The Elven Kingdom holds control over the entirety of The Eastern Forest along with ownership of the Cursed Swamps to the south.


The Elven Kingdom has a standing army that it uses to attack anyone who crosses into their land without proper paperwork.

Technological Level

The Elven Kingdom has a low technological level due to their use of sorcery in everything. However, they do have a high understanding of the natural sciences due to the large aura of curiosity developed by the College.


Almost all elves follow The Faith of the Four, and all drow in the Kingdom are forced to convert. The Head Priest of the Faith of the Four is one of the advisers to the king.

Foreign Relations

The Elven Kingdom is incredibly pro-elf, so gets along decently with the nearby isolationist Ancient Collective. However, their pro-elf stance is in conflict with the neighboring Golden Empire, which has led to a variety of border conflicts coupled with strained diplomatic relations.

Agriculture & Industry

While most villages subsist on hunting and foraging from seasonal settlements, the elves in Metropolis subsist on large scale agriculture within the walls of the city. There are some coastal cities that deal largely in trade and marine resources.

Trade & Transport

Elves often export the wood from trees, as they have the largest concentration of trees in Belkora. Their tree trade is their greatest relation with the Golden Empire. In return, they'll receive salt for preserving food, iron for weapons, silver for magic, and scavenged offworlder technology from private individuals.


Elves have locally sourced primary education for the first few decades of life before an elf can choose to specialize their education through several methods. Most elves just choose to live a normal life and take a job in hunting or farming, in which case they will generally learn from family. If an elf wants to go into a craft like wood-working or tanning, then they would become an apprentice to a master of that craft. Finally, an elf can go into a state-sponsored higher education program based around either combat or sorcery. Ones who study combat go into the elven army whie those who study sorcery go on to become either professors in the College, Cilcones for the Kingdom, or magical shock troops for the military.


Most infrastructure within the Kingdom is in Metropolis, with no roads between villages. The thought process behind this is that the villages are safer since most non-elves have difficulty traversing through the woods. Meanwhile, Metropolis has a large, wooden wall along with various defense towers. The major buildings within the city, like the Palace and the College are also huge.

With Age Comes Wisdom

Founding Date
324 NE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Major Imports
Salt, metals, offworlder technology
Legislative Body
The Elven King
Judicial Body
The Elven King
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations
Related Myths

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