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Silver Kingdom

The ethos of the Silver Kingdom is one of honor and bravery, which reflects in everything from the villagers, the city folk, the royals, and even the military. However, I am loathe to refer to the warriors of the Silver Kingdom as a military for it evokes images of the Legion, who use tactics befitting of thieves and rats. The Silver Kingdom's warriors are proper knights like of the tales of old, perhaps the last ones on Belkora.
— Flip, The Great Book of Nations


The Silver Kingdom is led by the Silver King, who has a small council of advisers to aid him in decision making. Each town has a town council that is decided among themselves. Decision made by individual towns, villages, and cities cannot contradict the Silver King's rulings. Ever since the Silver Kingdom was absorbed into the Golden Empire, any laws made of the Silver King could not contradict that made by the Golden Ruler.

Public Agenda

Silver Kingdom currently seeks to promote a peaceful existence with non-humans.


The Silver Kingdom has access to various mines of silver and iron ore. It also has a standing army separate from the Golden Legion. The port cities have ships and access to the ocean. There are various stables with horses that can be co-opted by the king if need be.


The Silver Kingdom was originally a human society within the larger Elven Empire that was formed in the 700s. While there was a king, he was mostly a figurehead, until Boden I declared war on elves. Eventually, after many years of fighting, the elves relinquished control as it took too many resources to continue the fight, earning the Silver Kingdom their independence from the elves.   Over next few hundred years, they slowly moved more and more northward, following more rich mines, and putting distance from the elves. In the late 1400s, the Golden Empire invaded, leading to the Silver-Gold War I, part of the the Golden Conquests. They ultimately lost, becoming a province of the Golden Empire. However, they were allowed to keep their king as long as they followed the laws of the Empire.   In 1539, the current king Boden III dissappeared and his brother Gildas took over. Gildas declared war on the Golden Empire, but eventually made a deal with Satan, leading him to be called the Demon King. After losing the Silver-Gold War II, Boden was found and took his rightful place on the throne again, and strove to increase both the military prowess and the acceptance of non-humans in the Silver Kingdom.

Demography and Population

Most people live in the few cities that are connected by roads, but there are some small populated village throughout the kingdom.


The Silver Kingdom encompasses a chunk of the Central Plains with large deposits of metals beneath the ground in the northeast. There is also a thin strip of The Northern Tundra at the northern edge of the kingdom.


The Silver Military is made up of soldiers who trained in the Martial Academy of the Silver City. Their combat strategy focuses on teamwork and bonds between soldiers, along with building loyalty to superiors. Some soldiers join the City Guard instead of the army, and are tasked with remaining in settlements within the Kingdom and protecting them from threats.

Technological Level

Due to the large access to metal in the Kingdom, they have developed advance forging techniques that can increase the durability and strength of metal while decreasing the weight. The tend to use this lighter metal to help reinforce their major buildings, as well as improve their weaponry and armor.


The Silver Kingdom has some level religion in its culture, but it is not a domineering factor. However, the Argent line does have a strong tradition of following The Human Faith despite not enforcing it onto their people. However, even if not all citizens are religious, the Faith does influence the culture, which helped support a human superiority complex in the past.

Agriculture & Industry

Some people in villages have small, personal gardens while cities will import food from Agrara. The major industry of the Silver Kingdom is mining, with some towns dedicated to just mining iron and silver, with blacksmiths in almost every town.

Trade & Transport

Within the Empire, the Kingdom trades out their metals in exchange for products produced by the other provinces, as well as products that the Empire trades for with other nations. There is external trade occasionally when a merchant travels northeast across the sea to reach the Dwarven Island to exchange Silvon for dwarven-made items.


All cities in the Silver Kingdom have some form of basic education, and there are scholarships offered to help in the costs of traveling to The Old Empire in order to study at the University. Within the Silver City lies the Martial Academy, which trains in combat and strategy, as well as fosters a sense of comradery and loyalty among its students.


The major cities tend to have large buildings, especially major ones like the Silver Palace or the Martial Academy. They also tend to put metal in the walls to help reinforce their buildings. They have grid-like roads in their cities to help make traversal easier, as well as walls to keep out invaders.   The villages and towns are more likely to have small, wooden houses that will usually have one or two rooms. Major buildings may have some metal or stone decorations, but never a large amount.

From Ashes, We Rise

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Province
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Economic System
Mixed economy
Golden Piece
Major Exports
Iron, Silver, Silvon
Major Imports
Animal fats, meat, crops, salt, wood, dwarven-forged goods
Legislative Body
The Silver King
Judicial Body
The Silver King
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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