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Orcish Festival Feasting


Orcs have always used feasts as a method of celebrating anything: a birthday, a funeral, a wedding, anything. This tradition has extended back at least to the time of the old orcish kingdom of Ossalla, when the royal family would hold feasts open to the public every holiday. In fact, recipes of those old foods are the only cultural artifact from Ossalla, even if the recipes had to be modified to account for the change in local.


Festival Feasting among orcs is usually planned several days in advance to give hunters enough time to gather enough food, both gathering plants at the base of the mountain and hunting both a bunch of lizards and burrowers and one or two monstrous fauna. Once enough food has been gathered, the shamans pull out the old recipes and talk the appointed chefs through the process of cooking the various foods.   Additionally, Festival Feasts are the only time that orcs consume alcohol. Throughout the year, they collect wild cereals at the base of the mountains to the west and ferment them for alcohol. When a Festival Feast comes, they mix the alcohol together into an incredibly strong substance known as Plajut's Blood.

Components and tools

Orcs have ceremonial utensils kept with the shamans of the tribe that are used in the cooking of the food, as well as serving. These utensils include pots, mixing spoons, cutting knives, bowls, and so on. Meanwhile, eating usually is done with the hands.


The main roles within a Festival Feast are the shamans, the chefs, the chief, and the recipients. Shamans keep the recipes between Feasts and help instruct the chefs in the cooking. The chefs are appointed by the chief of the tribe from the warriors, and actually make the food. The chief is in charge of organizing the feast and making sure it runs smoothly. The recipients are the people who the feast is in honor of, and are the first ones to eat at the feast.
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