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Considered the prototypical idiot, the orcs have been unfairly mistreated by accounts from other races. I've talked to orcs myself, and some of them show an sharp intellect and a propensity to the book as opposed to the ax. Even in the field of combat, they show a natural savvy for tactics and plans.
— Flip, The Great Book of the Races

Basic Information


Orcs are humanoids with two arms and two legs, with more muscles compared to most humanoids and thick bones.

Biological Traits

Orcs are decently tall for humans, but aways heavy, as most orcs are incredibly muscle-laden. Their teeth are similar to humans except their lower canines are large tusks that thrust upwards. Their arms are generally slightly longer proportionally compared to other humanoids also.

Genetics and Reproduction

Orc babies have an 11 month gestation period inside of the mother's womb.

Growth Rate & Stages

Orcs grow slowly until age 7 when they have a puberty period that leaves them physically mature at age 12. They then are considered middle aged and 25 and old aged at 40.

Ecology and Habitats

Orcs live in The Western Desert where they primarily hunt for food and forage at the foot of the Goliath Mountains to the west.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Orcs have a diet of primarily vegetables, although they will often supplement that diet with meat they get through hunting both the monsters of the desert and orcs from other tribes.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Orcs live in nomadic tribes that wander the Western Desert, that operate as independent units. However, in recent years, Urzal and his father Shamog worked to unite the tribes into a single orc state.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most orcs live in the Western Desert with some living in the mountains. There are some orcs that live outside of the desert, but it is rarer than most other races.

Average Intelligence

The majority of orcs are below average intelligence, although some question if its biological or if its a cultural phenomenon.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orcs can see in the dark, a blessing from the moon mother. Otherwise, their sight is unremarkable. Orcs instead use a combination of scent and hearing to understand the world around them. Meanwhile, they have muted taste and touch.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Orcs will often be born with one name in Orcish, but they often have a Common moniker that they earn through behavior or specific actions.

Beauty Ideals

Orcs tend to be attracted to more aggressive individuals, along with individuals that have more prominent tusks. Longer arm lengths and shorter leg lengths are also attractive on males, but females are considered more attractive with shorter arms and longer legs.

Gender Ideals

Orcs don't really differ the responsibilities of gender. Instead, what humans consider to be male roles are taken up by the more aggressive partner while traditionally feminine roles are taken on by the less aggressive partner.

Courtship Ideals

Orcs exclusively mate in their own tribe, lest they be considered traitors. Courting is generally short and to the point, but each experience is unique to the individual orc.

Relationship Ideals

Orc relationship dynamics tend to have the more aggressive member of the couple perform things like hunt, shelter construction, and fight other orcs. Meanwhile the less aggressive member raises the children, forage, and cook.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Orcs generally speak Common and Orcish.

Common Taboos

While eating orcs from other tribes is completely okay, eating an orc from the same tribe is considered a horrendous atrocity. Mating with another tribe is generally considered a betrayal to the tribe, leading to both members of the relationship being exiled from both tribes. However, mating with a non-orc is not as taboo as mating with another tribe.


Orcs were one of the main races that helped topple the Old Human Empire. After that, the orcs managed to form a kingdom in the The Central Plains for hundreds of years until the elves invaded and forced them out. Once pushed into the lands to the west, where the dragonborn were, years of war began that turned the lush area into a wasteland. Eventually, the orcs devolved into nomadic tribal units that acted individually from each other. In recent years, Shamog the Brutal started to unite the orcs into one state using force and strength. After his death, Shamog's son Urzal the Craven took over and continued his father's work, but used more peaceful methods instead.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Orcs absolutely hate elves, and will kill any elves on sight. Humans, they are more indifferent towards, some seeing them as a fellow race oppressed by the elves. In fact, some orcs develop relationships with humans and these half-orc offspring are sometimes raised among the orc parents tribe.
Scientific Name
Brutes Orchid
60 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Most orcs are well-built and muscular, as they are in an almost perpetual state of warfare.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Orcs have green skin of varying tints from incredibly dark to yellow-green.
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