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Basic Information


Mortiorses, or dead horses, have a body structure similar to a common horse like on the surface. The only real difference is that they have a small, prehensile bone tail.

Biological Traits

Similar to uppvaga, mortiorses have mottled, gray skin and no hair. In addition to this, their tail has thin, translucent skin that shows off the prehensile bone tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Mortiorses reproduce by the male impregnating the female and then giving birth to a foal after ten months of gestation.

Growth Rate & Stages

Similar to uppvagas, mortiorses grow much slower than the surface horses, but also live longer. They usually are physically mature by age 50, and live on until the slowly decay and die around at 150.

Ecology and Habitats

Mortiorses always live in regions that are dark and dank.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Mortiorses only eat fungus and meat substitute created by the uppvaga. If they were to eat meat, they could potentially turn rabid and attack anything near it.

Additional Information


Mortiorses are domesticated, but only because they evolved from domesticated horses based on a similar infection as the original uppvaga. From there, the ancestors of the Gildrankiath brought the original mortiorses down to Chimora and bred them in ways that lead to a large enough population to be sustainable.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Mortiorses are used for travelling by the Gildrankiath uppvaga, especially for hunting trips that the Gildrankiath Matriarchs go on. Occasionally, mortiorses will be lent out to other houses of uppvaga, as well as the the geeshok for riding into battle, although most Gildrankiath would rather ride into battle themselves.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All mortiorses are found in The Gravelands under care of the uppvaga, most specifically in the region owned by House Gildrankiath. While they will occasionally take the mortiorses out of The Gravelands, the Gildrankiaths prefer to keep most of the animals within their territory.

Average Intelligence

Compared to surface horses, mortiorses are not quite as intelligent. They can understand verbal commands from a rider that they are familiar with based on how they speak it, but they are not as good at verbal commands with strangers. Instead, they usually require more astute use of the reigns and other more physical commands.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Mortiorses can see in the dark, unlike horses on the surface. However, they have no sense of color, even in light. As they move, they send small waves through the air that get reflecting back to the horse in a sort of echolocation that allows to the mortiorses to better pinpoint locations in front of them.
Scientific Name
Equus lazarus
150 years
Conservation Status
All mortiorses are held in corrals owned by Uppvaga in the Gravelands, where the killing of mortiorses is illegal.
Average Height
4.7-6 ft
Average Weight
840-2,200 lbs

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