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Kali the Slayer

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The rough conditions of her slavery in early life, coupled with her combat training later in life, Kali was extremely fit, with the ability to perform hard labor for a long time.

Body Features

Kali had the tan skin of wood elves, as well as long, course, brown hair that she would tie up to not get in her way. When she later freed herself from slavery, she cut her hair to a much shorter length.

Special abilities

Kali had no magical capabilities, as she was restricted from studying it as a slave. However, she was an exceptionally skilled swordsman, able to stand her own against the greatest swordsmen of the Empire.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kali was born a slave to the yakuls of the old Human Empire, never knowing her parents. However, she happened to be sold to a relatively kinder owner when young, where she was taught how to fight in order to serve as her master's bodyguard. As time went on, Kali witnessed the horrendous treatment of other slaves underneath the Human Empire and began secretly teaching other slaves how to fight. Once, she had trained enough slaves, she started a small rebellion and succeeded in escaping the region. Then, they reached out to the united rebellion of non-humans and began working on secretly teaching slaves across the Empire to fight.   Once they built up enough of a fighting force of trained slaves, free non-humans, and sympathetic citizens, the rebellion declared outright war against the Empire. Kali lead a platoon of rebelling slaves mostly and ended being one of the groups in the Sack of Orbooz, and her group specifically made it into the palace where Kali supposedly fought in single combat with the yakul warrior king Zalla, and slayed him. However, it is unknown if she truly did land the killing blow as the palace collapsed immediately after Zalla's death, killing everyone within it.




Kali had no academic education, but she did learn how to fight from one kind slave master she had who has an ex-soldier. She would later repay this kindness by giving him a proper burial after he died of old age.


Kali spent most of her life as a slave, but during the last chunk of her life, she was a rebel against the oppressive policies of the Human Empire.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kali is often credited with bringing down the Human Empire, as it was her idea of training slaves that gave the rebels enough men to stand a chance in waging war against the Empire. She also supposedly defeated King Zalla, the greatest fighter of the Empire at the time, in single combat.

Failures & Embarrassments

Despite multiple attempts at trying, Kali never was able to successfully teach herself how to read and died illiterate.

Morality & Philosophy

Kali's basic morality is centered around helping the downtrodden and fighting for the defenseless. However, she believes kindness should not be shown to anyone who would intentionally harm a defenseless person. She also is extremely against slavery in any and all forms, being an extremely freedom-centric person. Revenge also features heavily in her moral framework, namely seeking revenge and attaining it is a moral good.

Personality Characteristics


Kali wanted to put an end to the wanton cruelty inherent in the slavery of the Empire.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kali was an amazing sword fighter; however, due to little conversation with others outside of combat, she has little to no social skills, often blundering through casual conversations.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kali was known for her determination and unrelenting courage in the face of danger.

Vices & Personality flaws

It is said that Kali had an anger issue, and could be quite vindictive, often holding grudges for the slightest of slights.
Chaotic Good
175 AE 1 NE 176 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born a slave
Circumstances of Death
Killed while destroying the old Human Empire
A construction site for a temple in a minor city in the modern Western Desert
Light-brown, messily tied up
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Kali can speak Common, but she is illiterate in all languages.

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