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People hate me, simply because I sit in a tower and perform research. If I were to be doing research on plants or animals, or performing my research in a public library, I'd likely get a lot less crap.
— Harmage Brynjar Geirson in a private conversation


To be qualified for Harmage, one must first be a graduate of the University as a master wizard, as opposed to merely a practicing wizard. While it is not necessary, it is usually useful to have taught at the University at least once.


The potential Harmage must first be vetted by teachers of the University and the people of outer Galdorborg before being considered for appointment.


To become Harmage, the Hakunger must select someone out of five candidates vetted by the University and the people of Galdorborg. Once selected, there is a lavish crowning ceremony in the Northern Fortress in Hernevborg, during which the Harmage gives an ascension speech, usually used as a mission statement of that Harmage.


An Harmage is expected to care of the well-being of the student and faculty of the University, as well as maintaining a decent relationship with the non-wizards in outer Galdorborg.


Harmages create laws that effect Galdorborg and the surrounding area, as well as being a consultant on magical affairs to the Hakunger. They also hire teachers and interview almost every prospective student of the University. Finally, it is the Harmage's responsibility to create the rules of the University, usually only adding minor modifications to the rules of the predecessor .


Being Harmage comes with a large paycheck from the Old Kingdom's treasury, as well as access to Forntormer and the various tomes within. Additionally, any research conducted by the Harmage is funded by the Old Kingdom.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Harmage does have a set of ornate robes that is expected to be worn during official ceremonies, although most Harmages prefer to wear their normal robes when not in official circumstances.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the Hakunger believes that the Harmage is failing in their duties, then the Harmage can be removed from office and replaced.


The Harmage was established soon after the University of Wizardry was established in 786 NE. At that time, the Harmage was merely the headmaster of the University until around 850 NE when the Three Pillars Agreement was created to give political power to the Harmage concerning the Galdorborg area and any magical issues in the Empire.

Cultural Significance

Wizards see the Harmage as almost a celebrity, with many young wizards looking toward the current Harmage as an inspiration. Meanwhile, non-wizards and non-humans generally view the Harmage as a symbol of danger and meddling with nature.

Civic, Political
The Harmage is still a legitimate position
The University Charter established the Harmage as the head of the University. The Three Pillars Agreement gave the Harmage political power
Alternative Naming
Archmage, Jarl of Galdorborg
Equates to
Duke, Headmaster
Source of Authority
Their authority comes from the Hakunger and the magical skill of the Harmage
Length of Term
Harmages can serve for life, although some will retire
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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