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The only necessary qualification for being a Hakunger is that one must be of the royal bloodline of the Old Kingdom.


In order to become the Hakunger, one is required to be of 18 years of age. If there is no one who has the proper bloodline that is of age, then the other jarls will take on the duties of the Hakunger until there is a suitable candidate.


Someone is appointed to the position of Hakunger in a ceremony where the other three leaders recognize the legitimacy of the Hakunger's bloodline and grant them the blessing of the people.


The Hakunger is in charge of passing the laws in the city of Hernevborg and the surrounding area, as well as moderating any laws passed by the other jarls of Kingdom.


The Hakunger has complete control over the wealth of the Old Kingdom, as well as having the upper floors of the High Castle as their domicile.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Hakunger has as special outfit to wear during ceremonies. There is also a set of armor that the Hakunger has to wear during combat, but the Old Kingdom has not had to worry about warfare in a long time.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Hakunger can be dismissed by the other jarls if they deem the current Hakunger is abusing their power, as well as if the jarls have located another potential Hakunger to take their place.


The first Hakunger claimed to be the new ruler of humans, as he claimed to be the descendant of the heroic human slave who helped overthrow the old Human Empire and the yakul elite. Forming the Old Kingdom, the Hakunger attempted to uplift human society back to the pre-collapse levels. Over time, as the kingdom grew, the Hakunger found governing the entire kingdom to be overbearing, so gave away some power in the Three Pillars Agreement, assigning three other jarls to help run the kingdom. After that, the Hakunger watched over the capital and the surrounding area, as well as supervise the other jarls to make sure that they aren't abusing their power. Additionally, the Hakunger was considered the head of the Old Kingdom military, but over time as the kingdom has experienced centuries of peace, the standing army was disbanded in favor of a militia, and the Hakunger took on a purely political role.

Cultural Significance

The Hakunger is seen as the ideal human leader by other races, as they keep the Old Kingdom isolated in the snow, minding their own business, especially when compared to the later expansionist Golden Ruler. Humans in the Old Kingdom generally look upon the Hakunger as the ideal citizen that models moral behavior. Humans outside of the kingdom view most Hakungers as incredibly weak for just staying in the snow.

Civic, Political
The Hakunger still has political power, but their role as a military commander has greatly diminished over time.
The Decree of Blood
Alternative Naming
The High King, Jarl of Hernevborg
Equates to
Source of Authority
Their authority comes from their lineage extending back to the early days of human civilization.
Length of Term
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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