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Golden City


Majority human with a large elvish minority. Most races of the world can be found here. The poorest people live towards the outskirts of town while the richer people live towards the center.


They follow all laws passed by the Golden Empire, and its Golden Ruler.


There is one wall surrounding the entire town, another wall separating the outer circle from the inner circle, and the third wall around the Golden Palace.


The Outer Ring of the City is mostly slummy, rundown buildings with poorly built shops and inns. The main exception is the Fateful Knight inn, which is run on the same level as some Inner Ring inns. The Inner Ring has larger, nicer buildings with a large church. Some of the bigger buildings are coated in gold. The Central Ring contains the Golden Palace and various government buildings. The streets in the Outer Ring are cobbled, while the streets in the other two rings are paved.


The Golden City is in the same location as the original village that the Golden One came to and began his rise to power. It began expanding in size and scope as the Golden One trained the able-bodied to fight. POWs of the Golden Conquest were sent to the village to work on expanding it into a proper capital city. Gold from the nearby mine was used liberally while decorating important buildings like what would eventually become the Golden Palace. Once completed, the City was the site of the Golden One's coronation as the Golden Ruler. After the Golden One created a singular currency for the entire Empire, the City became a major trading hub for human and non-human alike. The walls that separate the various rings of the City were built a few years after the coronation.


The architecture differs between each of the rings. In the Outer Ring, most buildings are wooden with simple, boxy architecture. The Inner Ring has nicer, stone house with more complex designs and different structures. The major buildings in the Inner Ring are coated in a layer of gold. The Central Ring has buildings with simple, utilitarian architecture and stone material except for the Golden Palace, which is elaborate and coated in gold.
Alternative Name(s)
The City
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Golden, Golden Folk
Location under
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

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