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Boden Argent I

King Boden Argent

I don't much like being king, too much pressure. Too much weight. I'd much rather be a farmer. But king is the place I find myself in, so king I shall be, and I shall do it well
— Supposedly Boden I in a private conversation with his son, Arwyn

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

According to historical records, Boden was extremely fit and muscular. How true this is is up to debate.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Youth and First Wife

Boden I was born to the king and queen of the Silver Kingdom during a time when that title meant little, as the elves were in charge of The Central Plains at the time, and the Silver Kingdom was a dependent of The Elven Kingdom . As he grew up, he had relatively easy life, living in the wealth his family were given by the elves in exchange for ensuring the mining and refinement of metals. He was betrothed to a young woman to help carry on the bloodline and had one child, named Arwyn. However, his wife soon died during an epidemic, and he had the support of his parents until their deaths, leaving him as the king.  

The Elf Wife

In his thirties, Boden supposedly met a wood elf that had left the woods behind, and married her. However, others believe that she was just an incredibly fair human. Either way, Boden remarried this woman and had two children with her. Then tragedy struck when his two children, Gilda and Soveliss, where killed by elves when they wandered too far into The Eastern Forest. This angered Boden, and he finally realized how cruel the treatment of the elves against the poorer humans of the Silver Kingdom was, and so declared against The Elven Kingdom by rallying together able-bodied warriors to attack elven bases. However, his youngest children were not the only things he lost, as his second wife left him soon after war was declared for unknown reasons, although many attribute it to the war.  

War for Independence

For too long have those monsters to the east kept their feet upon us! They hide in their forts, and magical forests, claiming superiority because their blood is magical. They say that we are lowly, mud-ridden pigs, who long dead forefathers wronged them. As if they have no blood on their hands! The blood of fathers, who break their backs in the mines yet receive nothing back; the mothers who watch as their families break apart before them; the children (voice audibly breaks and then a pause) who watch their future and can have no hope! I say no more. Today we fight for a future of our own! (cheering)
— A recollection of Boden I's speech before the Battle of Fort Nincnet, the first battle of the war, translated from Old Silvite to Common by Boden II in The Myth of the First Boden
Boden was suddenly thrust from a powerless figurehead to the head of an army, and the early years of fighting reflected that, as his poor tactics led to multiple retreats. However, he began to seek out skilled strategists among the Silver Kingdom to aid him, along with those that might help train other citizens. His charisma in leading the troops, as well as the knowledge from his aids, led to a reversal of fortune against the elves. Over the next decade or so, the elves found they were draining many resources to defend their cities and strongholds that they still held within the Central Plains. Eventually they decided to relent and seek peace. During the peace talks, Boden took the role of head negotiator for the humans, however he had multiple aids alongside him. They were given complete independence from the elves, and Boden was established as King of the Silver Kingdom.  

Later Life and Insanity

For a few years after their victory, Boden ruled well and virtuously, and made sure to raise his remaining child, Arwyn, well. However, for the last decade or so of his life, he supposedly became obsessed with finding a way to revive his children, especially his daughter Gilda. He locked himself away from the public and had his son become the official new Silver King. No one saw him again, but he supposedly began dappling in necromancy. His death finally occurred when a group of elves sneaked into the Silver Palace and killed him, officially over lost pride after the independence of the rulers.  


Despite his odd later years, most people remember Boden for his prime, namely liberating humans from the elves. Boden is a common name to give children in the Silver Kingdom, and two later kings bear his name. His model of kingship, being trained in combat and having various aids to help with actually running the nation, was common for silver kings until the time of Boden Argent II when philosopher-kings were more common than warrior-kings. Even then, there was a later resurgence of the concept in more modern times. Boden I's birthday is even still celebrated in the Silver Kingdom as Liberator's Day.


Boden received a simple education, mostly of manners and languages. As he grew up, he became fond of sparring and taught himself to fight by practicing often.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Boden was the first true silver king, and won independence from The Elven Kingdom. He also ruled well enough to be considered a good king after holding real power.
Gather round, folks, for now it is time we march together against the elves. They mock us, bully us, kill us. All for being humans. Now we fight back! We take the fight to them! For our children! For our future!
— A recollection of Boden I's speech before the battle of Fort Belsor, the turning point of the war, translated from Old Silvite to Common by Boden II in The Myth of the First Boden

Failures & Embarrassments

The lost of his two youngest children as well as his wife haunted him for the rest of his life. Supposedly, his mental health spiraled as he became obsessive with bringing them back.
The people are estranged from my messages, maybe I should toss aside my sheltered tongue for a more common way of speaking
— Supposedly Boden I to one of his aids regarding switching his way of speaking

Morality & Philosophy

Boden held the firm belief that the moral action was the one that hurt the least people and helped the most. Concerning power, he felt that the most moral should be the ones in charge, and therefore a king's duty was instill a strong sense of morals into his own progeny to ensure that they were the most moral. However, he was never known to have an opinion on what should happen to an amoral king.

Personality Characteristics


Boden sought a free and peaceful Silver Kingdom


Religious Views

While Boden was likely a little religious, it was not an important part of his life when compared to things like family and his people. This led to the early Silver Kingdom not being very religious as a whole until Boden II.
Neutral Good
822 NE 889 NE 67 years old
Circumstances of Death
Murdered by elves
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Light blue
Short, auburn
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Old Silvite, Elvish

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