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Ancient Elf

Based on the few ancient elves I’ve had the pleasure to meet, they carry the elegance of a race that has existed for millennia.
— Flip, The Great Book of the Races

Basic Information


Ancient elves have similar morphology to humans, except their bones are longer and thinner. They also are less dense when compared to other races.

Biological Traits

Anicent elves have long ears that have two points, as compared to wood elf ears. They also are taller than other elves, and slender for their height. Ancient elves additionally have low muscle mass.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ancient elves have a long gestation period of about 2 years before having a live birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

Ancient elves physically mature slowly, reaching maturity at age 100. They are considered middle-aged at age 600, and then old age at 1100.

Ecology and Habitats

Ancient elves prefer to live in old-growth forests. If they are out of the forest, they have issues functioning as they structured their lifestyle around their environment.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Ancient elves eat little meat and mostly eat vegetation. Even then, most of their nutrients come from drinking water and absorbing sunlight.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Ancient elves structure themselves into clans, where a clan patriarch rules over and makes deals with other patriarchs. Each patriarch is accompanied by a matriarch who acts as an advisor.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Almost all ancient elves live in The Ancient Woods, although there are some who venture out of the woods and live elsewhere.

Average Intelligence

Ancient elves are known for their high intelligence, as their dumbest are often around the same level as a human.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ancient elves have incredible sight and smell, even being able to see in the dark, but they cannot taste food and have a muted touch. However, they do have average hearing.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Female ancient elves are named after flowers while males are named after trees, to help remind the elves of their connection to nature.

Beauty Ideals

Height and slenderness are considered "pure" and attractive, while human characteristics like thickness and shortness are considered "filthy."

Gender Ideals

Strong females are considered like the drell, and therefore "filthy." Instead, ancient elves are highly patriarchal, with males being the only ones allowed to lead anything, with females shunted off to supportive roles.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is very separated from the couples, as patriarchs decide upon marriage couples. If the two elves are from different clans, then the two patriarchs must work out a deal.

Relationship Ideals

The male is supposed to lead elven marriages, with wives in a more supportive role. Even in child rearing, the male is expected to take charge, to avoid having a "drell-like" child.

Average Technological Level

Due to the level of sorcery used by the ancient elves, they have very little mundane technology.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Ancient elves speak a form of elven that is reminiscent of fay languages.


The history of the elves are steeped more in legend and folklore when compared to other races. Supposedly, elves first came to Belkora along with their gods from a realm of fairies and other fay creatures. The entry point of the elves were the Ancient Woods. As they settled down, conflict arose between the followers of Drowella and the other four elven gods, leading to drell, her followers, to be banished underground. Eventually, some elves decided to leave the Ancient Woods and push into the Eastern Forest, were they eventually became the wood elves. After politically separating from wood elves after the Elven Age, the ancient elves sealed the woods and have barely been seen since.

Common Myths and Legends

Ancient elven history is steeped in legend, as ancient elves keep their records hidden away from the rest of the world. The only elven history that is sure is wood elf history in the New Era.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Ancient elves have next to no relations with other races as they hide away in the Ancient Woods, although they do hate the wood elves and humans.
Scientific Name
Feyus florestine florestine
1200 years
Average Height
Average Weight
60-160 lbs
Average Physique
Ancient elves are all incredibly slender with little muscle mass, and fail in physical activities compared to other races.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Ancient elves tend to have light colored hairs, and a light gold colored skin.
Geographic Distribution
Related Myths
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