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1551 NE

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Belkora is a land of heroes making their way in a post-hero world. A place where goodness is a rare quality that the politics of the land seems to seek to crush. Many have abandoned the spirit of cooperation that permeated the days of old, instead seeking to maximize their own worldly possessions. My contemporaries in the scholarly world call this a Golden Age due to the splendor and wealth of many nations, but I feel this splendor is merely a facade for a crooked core that too many are willing to overlook. However, the remnants of the old ways still exist in the world, and I view it as my mission to record the wonders that still exist in this world for all to see and learn. ... Despite this decline in the moral fiber of our land, I do believe that there is hope. In my view, there are enough good people out there to combat the growing corruption. Modern Heroes who show the nobility and honor of ages past who have a chance to save this dying land before it is too late. So let us begin.
— First and last paragraphs of the Introduction to The Big Book of Belkora by Flip
      In Belkora, a fantasy medieval world blends with a modern feel as technology rains from the sky. As both ancient magics from the earth and east and modern technologies from the sky and west meet, independent actors and shadowy organizations work towards shaping the world in their image   Amidst all of this comes the return of heroes of legend to the land of Belkora in from of adventurers. While in the past, adventurers had helped to topple evil empires and dastardly villains, for a long time after that heroism and adventurism died out as mercenaries took the forefront of wandering fighters. But now as the Golden Age dawns, adventurers rise again to save the people of Belkora.

Belkora has 2 Belkorans