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Destiny Chart

Scored into the leather of the first Prairie Buffalo by an infernal being, the Destiny Chart is one of the Spirit of Destiny items.

  The chart is possibly the only Spirit of Destiny item that does not particularly function on it's own; however when used in conjunction with the other items (such as the Destiny Compass and Destiny Hourglass  it reveals the beholders' entire life path, revealing moments where the veil between the celestial, terrestrial and infernal planes is thin enough to allow beings from those other worlds to influence ones' life.

Manufacturing process

According to legend, an infernal being slaughtered the first Prairie Buffalo as payment in a deal with the Centaurs to teach them the art of weaving in order to diversify the products they can sell at market. The infernal being then took the carcass, flayed the skin and scorched the Destiny Chart into the skin.


One of the Spirit of Destiny items.
Item type
one of a kind
36" x 24"