The City Court House

The City Court house, is not the only Court House in the city far from it, pretty much every ward as its own. and each of the old town centres also have a larger ones to deal with trials which have public interest or a level of risk involved, ie murders, crimes against Nobles and Guild Leaders. The City Court though was built after the towns became the city of Bavo'and, and was built in the high republic style, of lots of columns, marble and statues of the gods and godesses.   The building public area is very open and high roofed like a lot of the other public buildings within the city. But the backside of the Court House is very different, closed narrow corridors with offices and rooms squeezed into every inch of spare space. Along with the Judges, court officals, researchs, clerical staff as well as the Gold Button's Headquarters and where you be able to find Giovanni Danrai, the head of Buttons, cousin of the Sealord. Along with the administrative staff of the buttons.   The building contains, along with courts, a small jail, to keep potentially dangerous defenders within rather than transporting them back and fore during the trial. Along with offices and training spaces for the Golden Buttons.   The court rooms themselves are the largest in the city, setup for viewing by the public, as well as plenty of space for golden buttons security and administrative staff. The Public space is all setup in the galleries above the court room and no way for the public to cause trouble with the courtroom itself, with productive screens between the public areas and court.

Purpose / Function

Used for Trials and


The internals of the build were gutted 70 years ago and modernised and expanded on to add more office spaces for the requirements of the administrative staff.


Old Republic marble and stone outsides and refurb internal rooms to modernise.


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