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The Black Rose

The assassin known as the Black Rose, is either an long lived species like an elf or is not actually one person but many, as they been active for the last 100 years, but know one really knows. As the only description is tall slend in loose fitting dark colours, and their head is wrapped in a scarf hiding their features from those who may spot them while their are working.   To hire the Black Rose, your first issues is finding them to hire them, its more their find you while you wander aimless around the haunts of Blackwater District till you get noticed and brought before the Rose to bargain and to explain why you need the person removed. Their will decided if one its worth they time, and two they feel the target deserves death, Their don't kill just for the money but the cause needs to be pure in their eyes. What is pure to the Black Rose isn't exactly the same to others and no one exactly sure what will count and what won't, but Murderers, Rapists and people that abuse their families all seem to count   The method the Black Rose kills, is always upclose and personal, so not to risk collorate deaths of servants, family members or friends, this death can be with blade, rope, or any other physical method, and their always leave a black rose with the body of the deceased, to make sure everyone knows it was them. No lock or defense seems to protect against the Black Rose, so whoever or whatever their are they are a step above the average criminal out there, They seem to have a knack with chemicals to melt locks, as well as other tools as well the usual skills of stealth and close quarter weapons.


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