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The District of Silverstone is the home of the majority of the Alchemists, and the the manor of House Aerani. This is the place to be if you want to learn the secrets of alchemy, and while the best alchemists of those of the elven house of Aerani and the other smaller elven groups, it does seem elves have a knack for the mysteries of alchemy above those of the other species and alchemists in general from across the planes. Wandering down any street in Silverstone is taking a minor risk to your life, as often experiments go wrong and explosives often wash over the streets from the windows and doors, often in strange and weird colours of purples, blues and greens not just the more natural reds and oranges. Those who live and work within Silverstone know the tell tell signs of something about to go wrong in a particular building, a whistling sound a puff of smoke out of the chimney, or just the silence before the storm. But those who don’t often will hire a local to guide them though the streets in somewhat safety.


With the obvious core of Elves and Humans within the area with House Aerani Manor taking over a large section of the district. But you can find all species of bavo'sand, the main thing that pulls them all together is that of Alchemical profession, most who live within the district is either an alchemist or related to someone who is.

Industry & Trade

Alchemical products are most of the products created within the district, most other products are made to support that industry.


As well as the multiple small alchemist workshops, there are large workshops setup by alchemical guilds as well as blacksmiths, leatherworkers and other useful crafts to the alchemists.

Guilds and Factions

House Aerani manor is within the District, along with a number of alchemical guilds like the Order of the Silver Crucible, and the Iron Order, (Which is a dwarf only guild)


One of the first areas to the Stellbarrow town expanded out to, when a group of Elves wanted to join the town, but due to some tensions between the human and dwarves in town and the tribal forest elves the decision was to create a small offshoot of the town for the elves to settle.


Mostly Solid Stone builds, or quickly put up wood structures to replace building that had more major accidents which have collapsed the building or made it unsafe.


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