Lily Skybreeze

Lily Skybreeze is a half elf, and rumoured to be of Aerani blood, but while its commonly believed no offical statement on the matter as every been made.   For much of her life she was known as a lifestyle coach, and was someone the young noble family members wanted to be seen with.  


  Lily was borned to Rachel Skybreeze out of wedlock, not a massive problem in the city, it happens regular and isn't seen as something taboo, but what was was the fact she claimed Galant Aerani was the father, Galant is the 4th son of the head of the family, Count Alessandro Alcuard Aerani. and while it was never public aknowledged either way, but Lily was clearly had elven blood, with her pointed ears and narrow eyes, Rachael and Lily never seem to be short on money and Lily went to the best schools for her education. So most believe there was at least a good chance of this story being true. She grow up in the Rose Bowl, her month worked in the famous gardens within the ward, while lily educated herself in the sciences and arts. She was like a sponge for knowledge she just soaked it all in, and as she grew older she became a good looking woman, with her elvan features and her month good tempement she had good genes to start with.   Once her education was finished, she start to talking about where and how she would live and make a living, she applied for an apprenticeship at the Izu Designs, Izu was a Tailors and Dressmaker to the nobles, as well as having access to arranging for designer magic weaved clothes. Here she met a lot of the young, up and coming Nobles, Guild Members and others of wealth and she realised she would never see that level of comfort doing a normal job. So she started using her beauty and brain to attract the best and most eligible batchelors, she had no plans to marry any of them, but she used them to pay for gifts, and to help introduce herself to others in her circle, she regularly was entertain 3 or 4 well off eligible batchelors, she never hide the fact from anyone that she was spending time with multiple people at any given time, but all of them seem happy to spend what time she was willing to give them.   So over the last 5 years the Skybreeze name ended up on ever well to do male and female (while she seemed to prefer male company, she definitely had periods where she entertain females of good social standings). She accepted gifts but if any of her suitors pushed to become something other causal relationship status they had with her she would shut them down and tell them to leave, she had no interest in something as mundane as a monogamous relationship, she enjoy flitting between her companions and gain both favour and knowledge of the elite of the city.   In the last year she moved from Izu Designs and setup her own shop called the Skybreeze Lilies, and is attrtacting only the best and highest class of paterons. She designs unique outfits for each, and nothing off the rack from her, each design is special and unique for the client. Her clothes are what to be seen in at the best balls and parties.


Social Aptitude

Lily is charmistic, charming and confidence in talking to all, She as all the skills needed to socialise with Nobles and High Guilds, either though she herself is of a lower class standing.


Tone of voice is controlled pitch and never gets excited or panicked,
Current Location
Year of Birth
2916 AM 26 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Out of wedlock, rumoured to be a bastard of Galant Aerani
Skybreeze family home in Rosebowl
Green Yellow eyes, almost cat like that most elves.
Long Blonde silky hair
110 lbs

Character Portrait image: by Annie Stein (aka Nnie on WA Dicord)


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