Dwarves of the Deepway

The Dwarves of Bavan live in many places, some above ground, some in the mountains, and then there are those of the Deepway, the city beneath. The deepway originally came about with a deal between the town of Steelbarrow and the dwarves of the Clan Redrock, the dwarves would help build and defend the town and the Dwarves would have a level of freedom in building a town beneath the town.   Over the coming centuries and millennium, the dwarves built an area than in any other world would be a large city, obviously on Bavan it is just a part of the larger whole of Bavo‚Äôsand. But the Dwarves of Deepway living so close to Humans, Elves and so many others developed a very different attitude to people and experiences. Compared to others that held out in the mountains or those that moved into the human towns directly.   They kept they skills working with natural rocks and tunnelling that the City Dwarves lost but gained a better etiquette when working with and talking to the other peoples of the Bavan that the more isolated Mountain Dwarves seemed to have lost.   They trade in metalwork, stone and gems. Some of the works are critical in the building on the larger permanent gateways created by the crystal mages and run by the Wayfaire. Their ability to cut gems is second to none, and the Mages will regular use their gems in their magical crafts as they rarely have flaws which would cause the gems to shatter if put under pressure from storing and holding spells.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak Dwarvish, which is a harsh and guttural language but with outsiders they use their knowledge and nature to speak the common tongue of the city. Which all the Deepway dwarves are capable of using.

Art & Architecture

As the Deepway dwarves are highly skilled working with natural rock formations their city beneath is built directly out of the rock, and buildings, roads and pathways are all cut into the natural rock and using the natural cave systems and enhance the natural beauty of them.

Coming of Age Rites

All dwarves are apprentice at the age of 16 to a suitable master be that craft, home or army. Each is assessed by the family and clan heads and a place is found for them, They can request a direction to be place if they have strong feelings towards a particular role in life but the decision of the elders are final and respected.


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