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Discourse on Void Elves

For the Eyes of Crystal Tower Only
— Rachel Whiteeyes
  What we found so far in the western continent appears to be beyond anything we theorised, the fact it appears that maybe none of us are from the world of Bavan and arrived in a City that floated between the worlds in the Void space between the spheres. Control by those we call Void Elves, but they themselves called themselves the Highborn or the First. Here I putting together scraps of notes we found across multiple sites from the major find which appears to be part of the City, and smaller parts across the jungles both above and below ground.   The Highborn were the first mortal race created in the distance past by the gods, they were given a world call Aleth'shan by their gods, and due to the fact their were the first, less restrictions were place on them in terms of lifespan, abilities with magic, and Culture. Over time they seemed to have created Floating Cities and then those floating cities took to the void space between the worlds.  


  The Highborn considers themselves above all other mortals and only the divine gods stand above them, and all other mortals were lesser and they had no problems enslaving them, which they did to many groups over the years, these enslaved people became the drudges of Highborn, dealing with the mundain day to day tasks so the Highborn could focus on the sciences, arts and crafts. As far as we can tell each city was their own state, the laws and governacy of each were their own.  


  The Highborn seem to have an advance form of our Mist Gates, to allow travel between worlds, while theirs allowed multiple termination points with the one device, we have recently come into control of a working one, from the Underground Ruins (U5.2), i am hoping those that found it don't realise just how important of a discovery it was, this potentially as massive potential to shift our abilities to travel and control access to more worlds and places than every before.   They also seem to have taken to Magitech, while we have many artificer within Bavo'sand that have created prosthetics to replace limbs, the Void Elves seemed to have created a highly advanced metal which i still yet to understand that shifts between liquid and solid and create advance items that can replace, improve or buff mortal bodies, we still have a lot to learn about this technology, and given time we hope to be able to reproduce they technology.   These metals also appeared to be used in their weapons, creating lighter and more balanced designs, potentially either balancing themselves for the wielder, but we are still experiment on that.  


  So they seem to have a high level of knowledge of every school of magic from time to evocation, we found evidence of highly advance spells and rituals, I barely understand some of their arcane notes and will take potentially generations before we fully understand everything we finding and I sure more will come.   Within Ruins U5.2 the party of adventurers have found frozen in time Void Elves, as well as hundreds of other creatures in some sort of Suspended Animation using a mix of technology and magic. I am glad that the party didn't try and break the magic that held the elves, I am not sure we should they seemed just from reading their books that they have an opinion that we are lesser than them and while we have the numbers they 100% have the knowledge and power and it would be messy.  

Physical Attibrutes

  Void Elves seem to average around 6' both male and female, and around 180lbs in weight. The big obvious is their skin colour seems to be green in hue, ranging in tones both dark and light within the green hue.


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