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Tue, Dec 19th 2023 07:35

Welcome to Our Solemn Hour

Happy Holidays everyone!   We have been play testing the game for a couple years now and it is time to start putting it up for everyone to see! This will take some time because everything is in note form and needs to be translated into articles, but I wanted you to know it is on its way. We are building the game under the CSOL, Cypher System Open License, and have added several new mechanics which I cannot wait to share with you all.   The world itself is getting a refresh.The focus will be on the game, but a new fiction series will also accompany theses releases. I cannot say more about that now, but this story is flowing straight from my heart. I cannot wait to share that with you.   Soon my whole back catalog of books will be up here for you to read as we embark on this adventure together.   Thank you all for your continued support. We are going to have an amazing 2024.   Charlie