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The Dawnbearer's Ark

The Dawnbearer's Ark is one of the few confirmed relics of the Hikara Tera with refrences to if from before the order's disappearance and a clear chain of custody in the centuries since. It is a puzzle box challenging every scientist, mystic, and warlord who has tried to unlock its secrets.  


Origin of the Arks

  Created by Xirel Tovan at the Hikara Tera mother temple on Janahara, the Ark of the Dawnbearer was one of eight reliquaries dedicated to their gods and heroes:  
  • Ark of the Starweaver
  • Ark of the Voidfarer
  • Ark of the Illuminated Seraph
  • Ark of the Lightbringer's Covenant
  • Ark of the Stellar Mantle
  • Ark of the Twilight Keeper
  • Ark of the Ascendant
  These seven arks have been lost for centuries, and except for the Ark of the Twilight Keeper which is presumed lost in The Dark Nova, are believed to be somewhere in the galaxy.  

The Legend of the Ark of the Dawnbearer

  The legendary heroes of the Hikara Tera, Qirin Veleth and Tynara Kivel presented the ark to Governor Vess Quale of the lush jungle world of Sylora. At the time, Sylora was the bread basket of the Tyrian Hegemony and dedicated to the Hikari faith.   Every year on the Feast of the Dawnbearer, they took the ark from the temple and processed around the city to bring blessings to the people and to protect the them for another year.   Little is known about the rituals performed during these festivities. Tales record priest reciting chants and light shining from the ark, but the words and the effect of the light's blessing are lost.   The Tyrian Hegemony fell in the chaos after the dark nova, and the people of Sylora didn't have the resources to rebuild their jump gate.   In the isolation that followed, the goveners renamed themselves Davirthalen (Harbinger of the Covenant: Davir: harbinger, Thalen: covenant) in service of the Sylunverae (The Sacred Light of Unity: Sylun: sacred light, Verae: unity).   They founded the Sharaelirath (The Oath of the Dawn: Sharae: binding oath, Lirath: dawn/light) as a consecrated force who take their oath on the ark and recieve blessings from it.   In 1119 AN, a pirate fleet raids Sylora and are defeated by the Sharaelirath. They find Hyperion growing in the hydroponics bay on one of the ship and start cultivating the plant.   The Davirthalen blesses their newly acquired fleet of ship and send them out to proclaim the word of the Nathivirel (Dawn Alliance: Nathir: alliance, Virel: dawn's first light).   What started as a religion with pilgrimages to Sylora for the Feast of the Dawnbearer, where the ark is displayed to the people, but no longer paraded around town.


The Ark of the Dawnbearer is the cultural heart of both the Sharaelirath and the Nathivirel, and a supreme artifact of devotion.   As a confirmed relic of the Hikara Tera, it is the cornerstone of their claims to be the successor to the legendary order. It grants them a legitimacy few order and empires could aspire to.
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