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Khepra (kɛ'-prɑː)

Khepra was once the captial of the Qoten world of Ouhiri, but it fell into ruin during The Dark Nova in the wake of the disappearance of the Qoten. Scavengers, refugees, and rogues resettled the world in the certuries following.   In 1251 AN, the Hanguao established their first foothold on the world. By 1478 AN, they secured control over the world and have maintained dominance ever since.   Positioned almost equidistant between Shinari Republic and Tawghrul Empire, the planet is a valuable refueling point and market center in the march between the two empire while being subject to the laws of neither.   The city does not have a unique culture, but has generated a singular melange of dominate cultures that makes it stand out. They have the reputation to have everything worth having in the galaxy. With enough time and effort, anyone can find virtually anything in the markets of Khepra.  


Khepra is a port and trade city, so the total population varies over time, often from day to day.  


Khepra is under the control of the Hanguao who is represented by Doyen Thorhan Brerk. The criminal syndicate is less a government than it is a commercial cartel operating a protection racket at the ports and markets, but providing minimum security to the individuals. They are tolerated because they prevent other criminal enterprises from thriving in the city.  

Points of interest

Thalassan Pyramid is in a large, open square, decorated as an enormous, ornamented plaza. The Hanguao restored the old Qoten structures to secure their sense of empire. In the middle of the plaza, the colossal, split-tipped pyramid made of polished mahogany obsidian walls resembled a cultivated tangle of vines encased in glass.  

1 BN

Founding Date
495 AN
28,594 | Households: 13,511
Inhabitant Demonym
Khepran or Ouhiran

Cover image: by C. E. Dorsett


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