Barenae A brief history of Barenae Timeline

A brief history of Barenae

This timeline is meant to show the main events that marked the passage of the different eras in Barenae's history

Nivelas Eran

??? - 160 A.R

A period where Barenae functioned as home to the biggest care complex for entities of great power.
Gods, Worldsouls, Fiends, all sought the peace and enjoyment of its services and environments.

  • -160 A.R [10 | 7]
    The Invasion of Greed
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Greed Nivel appears in Barenae, looking for an artifact of great power and value. With a mere flick of its fingers, most of the population is slain and their souls are vanished and nowhere to be seen. Needing to attend more important matters, Greed left behind three of its Scions to seek the relic.

Shaden Eran

160 A.R - 0 R

Enslaved and exploited, the inhabitants of Barenae are forced by the Scions of Greed to excavate their planet to the core.

  • 0 R [1 | 1]
    The Appearance of The Redeemer
    Disaster / Destruction

    Feeling threatened by its captors, The Redeemer activates itself, unleashing a devastating wave of energy followed by the three precise pulses that tear Barenae into its 8 Splinters. All the souls confined in its interior escape and shake the very essence of the atmosphere, changing the world forever. The whole holds together for now.

Blespore Eran

0 R - 896 D.R

The cataclysm offers a glimmer of hope for the survivors and opens the first act in their search for a better place.

  • 0R [1 | 1] - 6 D.R [24 | 3]
    First War of the Scars
    Military action

    This war sees the inhabitants of Barenae recover their homeland from the hands of the Scions and their armies. The rebellion started with the appearance of The Redeemer and concluded with the death of Odesp in the battle for the Gevstaya Fortress on 6 D.R

  • 34 D.R [10 | 1]
    The Mending & The Fourth Pulse
    Geological / environmental event

    As the Redeemer grows unstable and the structure of Barenae is at the brink of collapse, a signal of help is sent. Only the contribution of countless entities and the sacrifice of Raodn allowed the Leylines to be established. The massive overload of energy forces The Redeemer to unleash a Fourth Pulse, which changes Barenae's signal in the Multiverse, sending it into a constant shift of dimensions.

  • 37 D.R [31 | 3]
    The Cobalt Exodus
    Population Migration / Travel

    The exposure to the spatial continuum renders Barenae's surface inhabitable. The population moves on to live underground, losing communication with the other Splinters. The Core period begins.

  • 896 D.R [4 | 6]
    First Contact
    Gathering / Conference

    The Core period ends as all of the Cores are contacted by The Redeemers, marking the start of the resurgence of the people to the interior faces and the creation of sustainable life and gravity.

Epiten Eran

897 D.R - 1222 D.R

As people begin to settle and colonize Barenae once again, the second act twists and sets the stage for growth.

  • 910 D.R - 912 D.R
    The Ndaran Contraption and the Nerui Contraption
    Technological achievement

    On behalf of The Redeemers, the Storm Writer and the Rune Rider devise and spread two remarkable inventions: a unified calendar based on Splinter movement and a table to combine the different alphabets into a singular one. Both of these inventions facilitate communications and slowly reconnect the different Splinters, leading to the eventual creation of the Archaic Barenaic language.

  • 1193 D.R [17 | 4] - 1200 D.R [12 | 5]
    Second War of the Scars
    Military action

    As the two revolutionaries Wirot and Inud collide on their views of the future, those on each side are pushed to conflict. Barenae is once again fighting. The war ends with the death of both leaders in the battle at the Moleras Hill.

  • 1200 D.R [15 | 5]
    The Moleras Treaty
    Diplomatic action

    After the burials of Wirot and Inud, the leading individuals in charge of both armies reach a definitive truce and end the war, going on to write a document on the future organization of Barenae and the creation of two organizations: the Funost or the Chainbreaker Assembly for Internal Protection and Matters and the Megevan or the Black Market Council for External Trade and Matters.

  • 1222 D.R [5 | 3]
    The Fifth Pulse
    Geological / environmental event

    As the weather has gotten gradually colder through the previous 20 years, the light of the Redeemer retracts slowly during the early hours of the morning, only to release a new Pulse, which lowers the temperature several degrees, forcing all around Barenae to adapt and, in the most extreme cases, even try to seek heat in the caves of old.

Chellyco Eran

1223 D.R - 1673 D.R

Even when things look bleak, the future finally starts to shine bright, bringing great things to fruition.

  • 1504 D.R [11 | 2] - 1583 D.R [24 | 6]
    The Construction of Etaria
    Construction beginning/end

    As the Leylines that hold Barenae together start to fade, it becomes vital to replace them with something more durable. Plans for the construction of 3 massive rings that envelop the Splinters are developed and the construction begins, supported by tons of workers, The Redeemers and various other Ailans. The foundations for Etaria are built without any complications.

  • 1673 D.R [16 | 7]
    The Spectacle Horizon and The Sixth Pulse
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The Megevan ready their prototype of portal to control dimensional travel. The first opening of the portal conveys the Continuum into Barenae, which compels The Redeemer to pulsate and repel its advance. The portal allows the people of Barenae to enter into contact with others, as a way to look for a way to end their travels, and discover new cultures and worlds to learn from in the way. Many other portals are opened all across the Megevan Splinters, under the careful eye of the Coalition.

Daorgel Eran

1674 D.R - 2137 D.R

In a third act where progress starts to represent a fickle balance between prudence and recklessness, striving is what has to be done.

  • 2076 [2 | 2]
    The Zeraxxaran Accord

    Three good friends and rivals reach a conclusion. The Tanith Ithcro Zaraorel, The Dao Tioanm, and the Dragon Patriarch Auzar seal their last bet in the Zeraxxaran tribes ground: the winner is the last one alive. Nothing is out of limits. As long as any of the other two are still standing, the Accord won't be completed.

  • 2138 D.R [5 | 7]
    Eldo Tal, The Night the Sky Faded

    The Zeraxxaran Accord ends as Ithcro Zaraorel subjugates the last Tioanm vessel. Tioanm grants him a last wish before her death, to which Ithcro orders Tioanm to erase all dragons in Barenae from existence. The skies fall into a purple sorrow as Auzar and his children cease to fly and turn to cosmic ash, absorbed by The Continuum. The skies of Barenae lose their protectors.

Whirip Eran

2138 D.R - 2886 D.R

Where the plot thickens for the people of Barenae, a test to their resolve and their resolution is once again presented.

  • 2139 D.R - 2218 D.R
    The Plume War
    Political event

    The power void left through the skies by the disappearance of all the dragons creates great tensions between many of the Birdfolk groups. As silent actions are executed and allegiances change, a cold war ensues, making the Barenae Coalition wary of the consequences this might have for the bigger picture.

  • 2219 D.R
    Rise of the Zephyr Empires
    Military action

    As the more conservative factions of the Plume war intersect with some of the more radical nations all across Barenae, an organized invasion by part of the so-called Zephyr Empires strikes fast and hard all across the Splinters. The Coalition poses a hard fight but ends up dissolved from the inside and prohibited. The completion of the invasion of the Inner Sections and many other territories indicates the beginning of a reign of strength and authoritarian regimes.

  • 2886 D.R [24 | 3] - [1 | 5]
    The Nereidai Treaty

    All across Barenae, people rise to the knowledge of the past, decided to restore the Coalition. Signals impact the skies as the citizens take the streets. The Zephyr empires, weakened as they are, barely have enough strength to avoid the advance of the revolutionaries. A new treaty is signed in the capital city of Nereidai, abolishing the prohibition on The Coalition and leading to the writing of the constitutions of each Splinter.