Clan Gangrel are outcasts, wanderers, rogues, and hunters. They make havens in the poorest parts of the city and feel no shame for doing so. They claim few domains as their own but defer to no prince. If a feral enters a city, the prince will either accept it or have to fight the feral to get them to back down.   Gangrel Embrace from the ranks of survivors and fighters: leaders of prison crews and gangs, explorers (urban and otherwise), and any kine who sees the world as something to traverse instead of something to hide from. They care not for looks or title, but for accomplishment and reputation. A childe may be a challenge, but the clan follows rituals and initiations to ensure the fledgling is worth the time. Success means a new, honored member of the clan. Failure means simply a forgettable reject or a pile of ash.   Any mortal capable of projecting their will onto others, leading a group from disaster to success, or fighting impossible odds draws the clan’s attention. This fact results in a symptom known as “too many chiefs,” when the clan consists of more leaders than followers. Customs encourage fights for dominance, but these rarely last until final death, as Gangrel elders advocate against taking competition for authority personally, instead encouraging a culture of healthy rivalry.
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Gangrel in Baltimore

The Gangrel moved into Baltimore with the Camarilla, the first wave arriving in the '90's. The settled in mostly in South Baltimore, and greatly resented being abandoned by the Tower when the Sabbat invaded the city in 1999. Many of them wished to go with the rest of their Clan when the Gangrel broke with the Convention, but they were prevented from doing so by their leader, Mara Rico, who used clinging to the local Ventrue, Juan Gonzalez, as her tool to climb the ladder. Eventually, Juan was killed, and Queen Eleanor siezed Praxis and declared independence. She named Thomas Blackwood as Gangrel Primogen, and since then they have done well. South Baltimore has been revitalized under Primogen Blackwood, and Gangrel numbers have been allowed to soar in preparation for war with Vitel. They have had hard times lately, Primogen Blackwood losing one of his clubs, and several of his Gangrel. They have mostly retreated to South Baltimore for the time being.