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Imperial Atlamarian Barracks

Located in the Imperial Capital of the Atlamarian_Empire, Atlamar, on the continent of Qivaira, the barracks house what some would call the single largest military force in the entirety of Iaxovar. With a force standing at almost 150,000 infantry, artillery, cavalry and ranged units, these barracks could easily be mistaken as a city in itself given the scale of land which the training grounds and accommodations occupies. The buildings here are optimised for efficiency in every way, with the interior of residential bunkers having no doors between rooms unless absolutely necessary, armour stands positioned at every building with a set of armour and a weapon accompanying them. This place has been compared to a dictatorship with the regularity of military drills in the region and sheer number of training facilities. Archery ranges, cavalry fields, sparring platforms and trench zones are grouped into zones closest to the appropriate accommodations and secondary buildings, such as stables for the horses of the cavalry. At the heart of the imperial barracks, a small citadel-like structure, dwarfs the surrounding constructions. This is the command, a hub coordinating all actions of the forces under their command and executing the imperial decrees issues by the Emperor himself. It is constructed of sandstone imported from the Qivairan desert due to the lack of natural stone deposits and quarry sites in the savannah where the camp is located, which borders the desert. There are rows of columns supporting an almost temple-like structure with several open sandstone archways, allowing free access to the premises, that is if you can overcome the squadrons of elite guards that stand watch in the three street perimeter surrounding the citadels grounds. The security of the command is such that none would be able to reach the committee members assigned for handling the empires greatest resource.


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