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Latimer's Grimoire of Adjustment

Penned within thirty years of the final throes of the Shattering, the Grimoire of Adjustment is purported to contain rituals, incantations, and reagents to assist surviving casters in attempting to use magic in the manner that they were accustomed to.   Attributed to Poliran caster Kapral Latimer, the book has come to represent the excesses and craving for power of pre-Shattering casters. It has been banned or censored in most civilized nations, primarily because it contains the only surviving copy of the rituals and sigils for creating a Gozis Phylactery.   While the bulk of the text is full of ineffectual incantations, several of the spells contained within do work. The danger of the book is that no record exists of which rites are spurious and which contain actual power. It is the enticement of obtaining powerful magical knowledge from those few spells that keeps the Grimoire a high-demand black market item.   Popular rumor holds that the original first edition of the Grimoire is held within the Royal Vaults of Polira, and that it has been used by the casters of the Sanguine Tower to stockpile a hoard of Phylacteries.  


  The first third of the book contains several folios of drawings and descriptions of various plants, minerals, insects, and even animal parts, along with their purported uses. This is believed to be the source of the folk belief that Mossycup Thyme can be used to stave off the damage caused by casting spells.   The middle section of the grimoire is devoted to various sigils and glyphs. It outlines each symbol's separate use, as well as instructions for crafting new spells through combinations. There is also a portion reserved for geometric 'containers' for these combinations, and how they function to enclose dangerous works or to amplify the effect desired.   The final part is the most dangerous, consisting of incantations and full rituals for a wide range of spells and cantrips. There are purported to be over three score separate rites for different magical effects. It is believed that some of these spells are highly potent, able to channel great amounts of magic for disastrous purposes.
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