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The First Era

The First Era is the name given to the first 5,000 years of known human existance. Some historians and scholars argue that humans and various animals have existed for far longer than 5,000 years, but they have yet to prove their arguments well enough for most other historians and scholars.

The Origins of Beings

It is believed that plants, animals, and humans were created by the Great Gods during a period of darkness that came before the First Era, when nothing existed but a rocky world of dirt, stone, and water.

The Gods Walk Ayrith

It is commonly believed that during the First Era, the gods walked the lands of Ayrith. During this time, they taught humans how to be more god-like and less animal-like, teaching them language, the use of tools, and how to farm. Over the course of the era, they also reproduced with humans on Ayrith, creating the various forms of magic and teaching those with such powers how to use them properly.

The End of the Era

Historians and scholars have arbitrarily set the end of the First Era and beginning of the Second Era based on the oldest evidence they have for the first communities that could be called civilizations. These were first recognized as forming in Algoma before all other lands, but this has been debated for generations.

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