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Quelin is the god of the sea and is recognized by nearly all who make their lives on the seas, including fishermen, naval seamen, merchant sailors, and pirates. He does not go by any other names, which is evidence of hundreds of years of the mixing of beliefs and cultures in seaports among those who travel the seas.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Quelin is depicted in many forms, including whales and sea serpents. Gulls are considered his messengers sent to guide sailors back to land. Whales are also considered his messengers and his gift to humans who hunt them. Rarely do fishermen or whalers take from the sea without thanking Quelin for the bounty.

Tenets of Faith

Praying to Quelin will ensure sailors survive storms, battles, and shipwrecks. However, if Quelin judges it proper for a sailor to die at sea, prayers to him will ensure death is quick,not the agony of drowning, and one of Quelin's many messenger fish will escort the dead to the Spirit Realm. When angered, Quelin sends storms and monsters against those who displease him, challenges from which no prayers seem capable of delivering them.


Quelin does not have a specific holiday as he is worshipped daily by sailors and other seafarers. Most hold ceremonial meals of seafood, followed by prayers, prior to setting sail. Regular prayers while at sea are interspersed with extra prayers and meals of thanks following storms and other near-disasters.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Quelin's goals are to provide for those who go to sea or live near it, and to ensure they are kept safe or given wift deaths if needed.

Divine Classification

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