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The Kind Beast Lačnir


“This vast space is my home,” it replied, “but it is not so barren. There is more hidden beyond what your eyes can see.” Saying that, it raised a claw to a nearby star and drew a line across it. The star peeled open, revealing within it a land of vast green mountains and misty peaks.
— The Kind Beast Tortured by the Sun and Protected by the Moon
  The myth tells of one of the six beasts of the Far Skies, Lačnir, who, upon meeting two lords of Čavijet, showed them spatial magic at work in his star realm. The cruel and greedy brother Vatribno demanded that the beast teach him but was refused. Angered, he captured the beast to bring it back to Čavijet, keeping it locked and chained with only the minimum to keep it alive.   When the other brother, Zaśtinik, learned of this, he went to rescue the beast. Bringing it along with him on his journey to help those in need while it regained its strength. Eventually, the brother Vatribno found them. Zaśtinik urged Lačnir to flee, holding off his brother, though he could not defeat him. Not willing to abandon his savior and companion, Lacčnir brought him into his star with him.   Unwilling to admit defeat, Vatribno unleashed his rage, turning into a large ball of fire, planning to take them both out with him. Knowing that they would be unable to survive, Zaśtinik sacrificed himself, turning into a large shield to protect the beast. Unable to defeat one another, they circled endlessly in the sky. Lačnir returned to Čavijet to continue with Zaśtinik's journey, and to repay his debt to the lord. On his deathbed, he left behind the last of his power to protect the land for centuries to come.

Historical Basis

Lačnir's Eye Though Lačnir's Eye exists in many legends and has appeared in historical texts as being the protector of Emperor's, most notable the Roudhult Empire, concrete evidence of its existence has not been found until recently. The Emperor of Baralj, Adelais Večtinik's beast companion has bonded with the artifact, perhaps from its desire to protect its master.

Zaśtinik and Vatribno During the time that the myth came into existence, rumors were spreading about the King of Berrhedt and a traveling monk about their great abilities in magic and their conflict. The characters in the myth share some similarities with the records of these two in both occupation and relationship, as well as character. Thus, most historians believe the myth to have sprouted from those rumors.

Lačnir In some records, the monk was said to have a large beastly companion that was human in nature. It is still uncertain, however, where the connection between the beast and Lačnir's eye comes in as well as its connection to the Supreme Beasts constellation though that may have been added later.


The myth first took hold in what is now modern-day Baralj and is extremely popular all over the Dovičaj continent, known by all young children. Though it may not be as widespread and well-loved as it is in Dovičaj, it is known by many all over the world.

In Art

Lačnir The beast is included in paintings of the beasts of the Far Skies. Historians believe that the beast was included to make the number in the Supreme Beasts constellation equal to 6, although Lačnir's star cannot be seen, as 6 is a luck number that represents completeness.

Lačnir's Eye The design of the artifact has made its way into many different pieces of art, most notably being taken as a charm that people will wear on them to protect them from danger. The colors of the artifact have been incorporated into Baralj's Imperial Guard uniforms.

“For your kind has done what they could, no matter how small, to help me even if it puts their life at risk. I cannot hate a creature because it is too weak to do anything, but I can love it because it tries its best.
— The Kind Beast Tortured by the Sun and Protected by the Moon”
The Kind Beast Tortured by the Sun and Protected by the Moon
Prose | May 8, 2018

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