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The Eternal Age

Avestra is a land where immortals live amongst mortals. The Eternals, ancient beings have returned to the realms after disappearing for millions of years. Strange night dwellers in the south east rule over kingdoms, never seen except by their most loyal subjects. And the nightmarish Elders, leaders of aberrations who hide in their hives to strike a blow against the "lesser" races.

But the mortal races have just as much impact as the immortals who live and hide among them. From the mountainfolk who delve the abandoned kingdoms of the Under Roads to the plainfolk who seek to carve out new empires for themselves. Some fight for their faith and their gods who may or not exist. Some fight to wipe the scourge of godhood away, to ascend as they believe the Eternals once did. And some fight just to make a home for themselves. A world based around the Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition and Pathfinder Second Edition Systems, there are stories yet to be written about these people. Stories yet to be played.