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Nemi 14, Year 470 TE

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Kingdoms rise and fall, and there will always be new people and groups carrying the ideas and values of people long past. Even if they burn a different torch, fire will always be fire.....  

The Continents of Auvus



The heart of the world's oldest kingdom, now in shambles. Plundered and soiled in blood. But hope lies beyond the horizon. We'll take the pieces we have and reforge it however we can.  


The oaths we swear are by the sun. To keep us in line, to keep us pure. Seats of power threaten to act on those who sit in them. Gods, help us see our corrupt ways.  


Burn them away. Burn the fiends until they scream for mercy, and give them none. There is no redemption for evil. It must be purged from the soil of this very earth.  


Fire is weakness. Only the night grants freedom. Everyday the sun rises is a day shackled by torment and pain. The Mother always watches, always loves in the dark.  


They'll see that our fire is the greatest this world has ever seen. It will spread. and the truth will be seen by all. It is grace, it is power, and it is kindness.  


We, the unsung. Our fires are small, but they burn so bright. While we are not pioneers of tomorrow, we are the holders of days gone by. These flames have seen the wisdom of ages.