Autauga Storms and Shadows are moving into the Peaceful Land of Autauga

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Autauga is one world, a landmass of four in a larger universe. Few of Autauga's citizens are aware that there are other lands than their own in their world. Like all worlds, history tends to be cyclical and there are manuscripts and documents in crumbling old libraries that few visit. If someone were to explore some of the old libraries in remote locations, they might learn that over a century ago, the people in Autauga were aware of land to their east where there appeared a landbridge that formed when the world experienced several harsh winters in a row. Water would recede and ice would build that connected Autauga to another landmass. But a hundred years is a long time and few if any remember or are aware of the past. A handful of watchers keep watch near the bridge but they inherited their jobs and have almost forgotten what they are watching for.    

The Shadow Wars

    Recently, Autauga has acquired some new citizens that none are aware of other than the watchers to the north who only note in their logbooks the arrival of a rag tag band of families who seem humble and overly religious.