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These cute little animals are adorable to have around and are very friendly creatures. They can be recognized by there dark coloured fur, which is often grey or a very de-saturated colour and are basically little balls, with four tiny legs allowing them to run around swiftly. What makes them so special is that they can only be found in the underdark, an area in which most inhabitants are hostile. Even inside the underdark they are rare, as their only way of defending themselves against predators in this rough environment is their camouflage, which obviously makes them very hard to spot for people seeking them out. Wallaamaxes are very expensive, unless you can find one yourself by venturing into the underdark. - Pets and Where to Find Them, J. Indicius

Basic Information


Wallaamaxex have four little legs, which are invisible unless they are on their back, since their thick fur falls down the side of their body and reaches the floor. Their shape can be best descriped as a ball.

Ecology and Habitats

A wallaamax lives in the underdark, although it can survive in any area that's not to warm or bright. It's relatively easy to keep a wallaamax as a pet since it doesn't require much and doesn't eat a lot, but it's hard to acquire them as they are exclusively found in the underdark.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The creature eats little mosses, plants for which it forages it's environment. Wallaamaxes have little tongues that they use to lick water and moisture of walls. In general they barely require any food or water, since they are small and are adapted to an environment in which food isn't that plenty.

Additional Information


A wallaamax is friendly towards everyone, but also shy. To domesticate one he has to get used to a person being around, but a few days living in a safe environment with the person should be enough. A sense of safety is very import for a wallaamax, since usually they are alert for all sorts of dangers.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wallaamaxes have extraordinary hearing, since they are mostly blind from living in the dark their ears are well developed. The ears are able to extend: usually they are small and barely visible, but if a wallaamax is on high alert he extends his ears, which can be the height of his body.
4 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark gray or dark desaturated colours

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