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Rodrith Shinobu

Rodrith Shinobu

Rodrith Shinobu is a half elven rogue, and a member of Kokyosareta’s Freedom Brigade. He’s no regular thief, but a freedom fighter, and one of the few members of the Freedom Brigade who does not care about coin or any other form of wealth (unless it can help his cause). Within the Freedom Brigade, he and his sister are responsible for smuggling in people from the camp into the city and for running the hospital.   Rodrith is quite small for a half elf (about 1m 70), has black hair combed backwards into a ponytail and always wears a dark cloak. His eyes are dark, and if not for his ears he could easily be mistaken for a human. He prefers daggers as a weapon, and likes to play with them often. If he is not inside the city, he usually hangs out in the Lucky Traveller, to tell newcomers about entrances into the city through the sewers.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In good shape, very acrobatic.

Facial Features

Rodrith has a very distinct, sharp jawline with high cheekbones.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a dark cloak. Carries around a bunch of daggers.

Specialized Equipment

Is very good with daggers and knows how to cheat at a dice game or pick a lock.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rodrith once served in the imperial army, but was kicked out once his commander was replaced by a racist. Ever since he hated the military deeply.

Personality Characteristics


Rodrith dreams of a free city, one where the military is not ever present and in which all members of society have a say.


Family Ties

Shirai Shinobu: Sister

Current Location
The Hospital
Year of Birth
479 aA 45 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Black hair, combed backwards into a ponytail
Aligned Organization
Freedom Brigade
Known Languages
Common, Dwarvish and Elvish.

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