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Kokyosareta is an impressive city, located on an island in the center of the fast flowing river Kozui, with big walls surrounding it who are fortified along regular intervals with towers in the typical style of the empire: not too high with curved roofs (about 20 meters). The city has five gates: three leading into the empire itself,one leading to the inner farms, and one leading outside of it. While the gates leading into the empire have wide, stone bridges, the gate leading outside of it is heavily protected with an impressive gatehouse, and a narrow, long drawbridge connecting the gatehouse to the gate itself. Outside of that gate a ramshackle town (known as the has been formed, where a lot of elves, dwarves and other non human folk live (even the occasional gnoll or goliath). A long row of farmer carts are lined up outside the gatehouse, as access is restricted and every cart is getting checked. Entrance into the city from the other side is much easier.


Most inhabitants of the city are of human descent. There used to be a large halfling population, but they largely left. A dwarf minority lives in the Artisan's Quarter. Many other minorities live outside the city walls, in the area known as The Camp.


The empire's military rules over this city. The head of the city is a military governor, known as Mouri the Visionary.


The river Kozui, a flast flowing river surrounds the city on all sides. High walls surround the city, with a second inner wall protecting the elites who live in the High City. One bridge leads into the city from the outside of Meiteikoku (guarded by an impressive gatehouse), but three connect it to the rest of the empire.


An old sewer system lies beneath the Military Quarter and the High City. Bridges connect the island on which Kokyosareta is located to the mainland, and well kept cobblestones streets are located in the Military Quarter and the High City. The other districts generally don't have proper roads, most are just dirt tracks with the occasional partially ruined cobblestone road.

Guilds and Factions

The Freedom Brigade: an underground network of thieves, assassins, freedom fighters and cutthroats who aim to overthrow the military rule in the city.

Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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