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The thrill of gustball cannot be described. Three times competing against each other at once, each with three apprentice spellcasters creating magical winds to guide the ball into an opposing goal. Tactics make the games interesting, aswell as clever uses of the gust cantrip to hinder the opponents. A diverse arena with several small and lightweight objects adds an extra challenge to the game. If you haven't watched it yet, you should. Three arenas are present in the city, one for each team representing the three Orders of Magic.-- Guide to Shiho-fushi, L. Foshuki


Gustball started out as a way to let the three Orders of Magic compete against each other in a fun, exciting way. It was also started as a way to bring magic to the masses, and to show the non violent and fun side of it to the common populace.


A game of gustball lasts 3 rounds of 30 minutes. Three teams compete against each other in an arena with multiple obstacles. To score points, a team needs to score the lightweight ball into one of the other teams target baskets.   It is only allowed to move the ball using the gust cantrip. Any obstacles present in the arena are allowed to be moved and influenced using gust and it is allowed to use the spell in any way you can imagine. Using anything other than gust, like throwing items or touching the ball deliberately, is not allowed.   The team that wins the most rounds out of 3 wins. To win a round, a team has to score more times than any of their opponents within 30 minutes.


The teams are made up out of 3 participants each. Usually, one of those is a defender, someone who specialises in preventing the opponents from scoring, while two try and score themselves. Because of the small teams, these roles are often very blurred. The teams train together, designing and excecuting special tactics to become the best team.


Gustball is played nine times a year so that every arena is used three times. When the year is over, the best team is crowned champion. Riches can be won and they are paraded through the city.

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