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Self Materialization

It is a sad fate.
The first encounter drags their mind from their body.
Second force them to change and survive outside of anything that holds them somewhat together.
Lastly, the third encounter plucks them back to the physical realm in forms far from what they originally were.
  It is no wonder that their mere presence causes great unease in the living. They do, after all, drain others so they can exist.
And no, I don't know why they so desperately cling to staying alive, and I dread the day I may find an answer.
The Flow is as merciless as it is beautiful.  
-Unauthored note in the Chronicle of Fates worse than death.

Description and effects

Self Materialization occasionally happens when Spectres get into contact with Blossom Flow.
During this contact, the specter uses its mental power and self-image to create a Blossom version of itself. While young specter may be unrecognizable from regular living versions, the self-image of an eroded one causes the resulting form to show inconsistencies.
  These inconsistencies vary depending on the cause of erosion. Multiple merged consciousnesses may materialize into chimeras while age eroded consciousness may barely resemble what they once were.   After materializing in this way, the specter behaves how it would if it were a living specimen of its species combined with its original predatory practices of recharging its mental energy.
When the consciousness eroded so much, that the materialized results are shortlived, they often use surplus Blossom Flow to stabilize themselves by any means necessary. These results While the Blossom maintained form is able to generate some mental energy, it is far from self-sustainable.  

Process, use, or execution

Specters have no control over the process of materialization. It is the nature of Blossom that cling to their self-image and then shape a materialized specter.
The materialized specter varies in size depending on the amount of Blossom that was available during the process.
The majority of specters start with smaller versions of themselves and grow up to their original size when they encounter more blossom. In case Blossom is not encountered for a long time, they instead shrink or vaporize, causing them to die and disappear.
In extreme cases, a specter can reach beyond its original size. This happens mostly to specters with a human ego.    


For materialization to occur, a specter with enough willpower and at least some image of self must encounter wild Blossom.
The willpower needs to sustain a higher concentration of Blossom to initiate the secondary growth and maintain the form.   Eroded and barely stable consciousness materialize into beings that would shortly perish without further stabilizing their condition. Such stabilization introduces elements from the surroundings and leads to monstrous spectral beings of questionable properties.    


After going through the materialization the specter is vulnerable. It lost its immaterial immortality in the trade-off for a more physical form to interact with the world.
Self-materialization is completely different from Blossom ghost. While Blossom ghosts generate willpower to further hold themselves together, the materialized specters do not hold this ability. They must instead feed on the mental states of the living to ensure their survival.
Failure to recharge their willpower causes the slow disappearance of individuality, consciousness, and after some while complete disintegration of the materialized form.

Detail card

  Element: Blossom
Quantity of Flow: 
Depending on the weight and mass of materialized being.
The strain on Focus: 
Depends on the number of maintained details.
Heavy burden when details are being formed before stabilizing.
Low and almost subconscious while only maintaining a form.
The drain of Mental energy: Slow and small but steady and unending.


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