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Ygdrasili Redwood

Artist - Tyler La Belle - Artstation.com

The Ygdrasili Redwoods are viewed as the ultimate gift from the gods. The trees provide for many of the needs of the People of Valsgard. Most of the goods used on a daily basis are created with the wood from these ancient trees. It also provides the empire with a great source of economic income. Furniture and Ships made with Ygdrasili Redwood are famed the world over for their beauty as well as their quality.   The trees are a symbol of eternal prosperity as well, because once cut, a new tree will sprout from the trunk of the previous tree. They are seen as immortal, and revered as nearly a god themselves.


Material Characteristics

The Ygdrasili Redwoods grow up to 150 meters tall and can have a diameter of 15 meters. Deep striations in the bark cause the trunk to appear to be lined from top to bottom. The canopies of the trees begin around 50 meters off the ground, providing ample space for construction on the massive trunks.

History & Usage

Everyday use


Most of the wooden structures built throughout Valsgard utilize Ygdrasili Redwood. Its durability, beuaty and pest resistance make it an ideal construction material. A single tree can provide the wood for 10 homes and all the furniture within.   The canopies of the trees begin around 50 meters off the ground, providing ample space for construction on the massive trunks. Entire villages can be built on a circle of just a few trees. The Alfir settlements utilize this method for their villages keeping them high off the forest floor. For the Alfir the trees provide protection and prosperity in a different way from the Valsgardi, and the differences between their cultures is best seen through their views of the trees themselves.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The trees are viewed as a gift from the gods, and a symbol of prosperity by the Valsgardi. Their entire civilization revolves around the harvesting and sale of the lumber and products made from these trees.   The trees hold spiritual signifigance to the indigenous races of Valsgard as well. They see these trees as sacred ancient gods, that provide protection for the life of the forest. The difference in views between the Indigenous and the Valsgardi, are at the center of a lot of the conflict between races.

Industrial Use

Ship Building

Artist - Nicholas Roerich - commons.wikimedia.org   Ygdrasili Redwood is renowned for its extreme durability. The wood resists rot, even when consitently submerged in water, making it Ideal for the building of ships. Due to the immense size of a single tree, and the ability to create many ships of large size from a single felled tree. The shipbuilders of Valsgard are constantly busy and the fleet grows larger by the day. Valsgardi ships are so coveted around the world thats customers travel for months to purchase ships from the Valsgardi shipbuilders, and hire Valsgardi crews. Valsgardi sailors are as famed as their ships.    

Furniture Making

Burlgallery.com   Known for its deep red tones, and fantastic grain patterns, Ygdrasili Redwood makes gorgeous furniture, unmatched by any other wood. The massive size of the trees allows for the creation of nearly anything from a single slab, provided the would be owner has sufficient coin.  

The Throne of Murtak

Carved by Jessie Groeschen - Jessiegroeschen.com   The throne of Murtak was carved out of the trunk of one of the Ygdrasili Redwoods that was felled in the initial clearing of land for the first Valsgardi settlement at Ringvolstad. It took 3 carvers an entire week to carve, cut, and relocate the throne from the original stump and into its new home at the Temple of Murtak.
Artist - Sam Neilson - Artstation.com

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I bet these redwood trees are so breathtaking to see. The idea that you can build and furnish ten full homes is astonishing. I can see why the wood would be so important in your world. :)

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