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Imperial Donian Army

The Donians maintain a big and proud army that has proven itself many times. However it is often accused of of being unnecessarily brutal and criticised for wasting lives and resources. This comes as a result of the rather inflexible doctrines and poor tactical choices by the officers' corps. It is true that the command of the army units is the prerogative of the Donian nobility who see their studies in the Military Academy and their commissions as a means to ascend socially and politically rather than a responsibility to the empire.   One army is permanently based on the Donias while the rest is scattered throughout the Donian Empire in armies of varying size according to need and influence. There is not a supreme head of the army but rather a council, the Imperial War Council whose decisions can only be overruled by the co-emperors.   Approximately half of the army is made up of professional soldiers while the rest comes from the obligatory conscription of men of age from the metropolitan planets and the provinces who serve 2 years (or more in case of war) in active duty and have to be available for immediate call-to-arms for another 5.
Military, Army
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