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Originally the people residing in the three metropolitan planets of The Great and Honourable Donian Empire, Donia Honorata, Donia Ordinata and Donia Centralis. However the empire of the Donians is so ancient that many of the original colonies are totally assimilated and their residents are full citizens of the empire. These colonies are usually referred to as "provinces" and they are fully represented in all the imperial institutions. Moreover, they are governed directly by the Imperial Donian Government and not through a governor as "normal" colonies are.   Donian culture is prevalent throughout The Galaxy and most societies besides the Amazons are more or less similar to it. Donians are proud and more often than not stubborn. They place social norms and the keeping of appearances above their own beliefs and sentiments.   A subject of constant strife within the Donian society is the place of women as the Donians are a deeply patriarchical society where women are treated as lesser persons. This explains their deep mistrust and despise of the Amazons whom they regard as a nation of degenerate women that must be dealt with at some point.

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