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The Great and Honourable Donian Empire

The most powerful, big and rich of the great empires. Donians proud themselves to be the only one of the old empires to continue to this day (obviously disregarding the fact that Amazons are even older as they consider them something of an anomaly). Donians are a proud and very conservative society where women don’t have many rights or opportunities.   Centre of the Donian Empire are the three home-planets (Metropolitan Planets) Donia Centralis, Donia Honorata and Donia Ordinata. The Donian Empire is ruled by a unique system of three co-Emperors. “Of the Donians, Emperors rode three” is the oldest surviving reference. The Ruling Emperor and the two Councilor Emperors are determined among the three kings of the metropolitan planets by a complex system based more on tradition than on practicality.


The co-Emperors Nobility
Geopolitical, Empire

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