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The world of Astorias is a psudo medival world. Magic holds sway in this land, but it is feared by the common ilk due to its corruption at the hand of forces from beyond the world, a realm known as The Outer Sky. Beings known as Elves once ruled this world, but took to the sky to fight the Gods themselves in ages past, with the aftermath of that war being the death of hundreds of the Gods, and the complete extintion of the Elves as a whole.   Now the Gods of old stay distant and broken, granting their blessings only to those who sho most direct obediance to their commands, and focusing their divine ministrations to keep the forces from The Outer Sky at bay for as long as possible. New Gods spring up in their place, swelling in power from the harvested faith of mortals and seeking to claim their place among the stars.   Kingdoms clash, empires plot, republics squabble, and city states wait in the wings. The varied races and cultures of the world all waiting for the next great conflict.